Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1874 - Get Down On Your Knees (1)

Chapter 1874: Get Down On Your Knees (1)

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He didn’t punish Consort Qin now just because he wanted to find out who committed adultery with her!

“Father, I think you can pretend you are going to execute Consort Qin. Perhaps that man will expose himself when he sees Consort Qin in danger?”

Mu Xuexin’s eyes sparkled and her voice was very soft and melodious.

“It’s risky. If the man is mortally afraid of death, he won’t come out even if Consort Qin is in danger.” Mu Zhentian’s eyes were cold, “At that time, he must have run away! You must keep it a secret and never leak it. When the man shows up, I’ll torture them to death!”

If she only cheated on him, he might be able to forgive her. What he couldn’t tolerate was what Consort Qin had done to his daughter over the last year!

Mu Zhentian sighed when he thought of the result of the blood test. No wonder he never liked his son. It turned out there was no blood tie between them, so he wouldn’t like him anyway.

Xuexin, on the other hand, was everything to him.

“But…” a fierce light flashed through Mu Zhentian’s eyes, “though I won’t punish Consort Qin openly, I can secretly do something to her. Xuexin, you can rest assured. Father will avenge you!”

At night, the moon was as cool as water. Consort Qin lay triumphantly on a chaise lounge, her face beaming with a smile.

“I made so many horrible mistakes, but His Majesty still forgave me. I must be very important in his heart. I’ll solve that b*tch sooner or later.”

She picked up the teacup in front of her and was about to take a sip when a loud noise was suddenly heard and her quilt slipped out of her hand.

“Who is it?”


The next minute, the door was kicked open and a group of men in black rushed in, brutally kicking and beating Consort Qin.

“Who are you? How dare you! I will never let you off. Ahh!!!”

The sharp pain made Consort Qin scream and she sounded very angry.

“Did that bitch Mu Xuexin send you here? Tell her to wait and see. I will make her die without a burial place!”

As she said this, her voice turned hoarse, and she uttered a cry of pain.

Outside the room, the little prince watched in horror as this group of men was beating up his mother. Then he ran away without looking back, for fear that they would beat him too…

Consort Qin would never expect that her son was so cowardly that he left her behind in order not to get involved. Maybe she would feel sad if she saw the little prince turn around and run away…

Of course, what happened to Consort Qin was unknown to Qi Zheng and Qi Mo in the Qi Family.

They were having a hard time these days.

Qi Su hated his guts and didn’t accept him as his father, so he often beat him up with some excuse. As Qi Su was protected by Yun Yi, Qi Zheng couldn’t do anything to protect himself. He tried to resist, but was soon knocked out by Yun Yi.

Now he only hoped Consort Qin could find out about his suffering and come to save him!

Unfortunately, Consort Qin was badly injured and lay in bed for three months before getting out of bed. During those three months, instead of being beaten up, she was r*ped by a different man every day…


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