Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1873 - Frame-up (4)

Chapter 1873: Frame-up (4)

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Consort Qin tried to defend herself but was interrupted by Mu Xuexin again.

"When Father was seriously ill, you forced me to go to Lingchuan Mountain to search for medicine without sending the strong masters of the Imperial Family to protect me. Fortunately, I met Miss Yun, and she saved my life. Otherwise, I would have died on Lingchuan Mountain."

Mu Zhentian looked even angrier. He didn't expect that his daughter had almost died on Lingchuan Mountain.

Lingchuan Mountain was such a dangerous place! There were numerous powerful spirit beasts in it. Without strong masters protecting her, how could she leave there safe and sound?

Consort Qin was just trying to hound his daughter to death!


Mu Zhentian was interested in Miss Yun who Mu Xuexin mentioned and was very grateful for her help. Without her help, he would be separated from his daughter forever even if he woke up.

"And…" as if not seeing the increasingly paler face of Consort Qin, Mu Xuexin continued, "the medicinal plant you said was on Lingchuan Mountain doesn't grow there. When I came back without it, you framed me as a coward who didn't dare to go to Lingchuan Mountain, and called me an ungrateful daughter."

Mu Zhentian gasped hard. His heart ached as if it had been torn. How much had his daughter suffered these days? If she hadn't been strong enough, she would not have been able to hold on…

"Consort Qin, you have really let me down!" Mu Zhentian slowly closed his eyes. After a long time, he suddenly opened his eyes and killing intent flickered across his eyes. "Guards, take Consort Qin away and make her reflect on her misdeeds until she realizes that she was wrong."

Why did His Majesty who looked so angry just order her to reflect on her misdeeds instead of punishing her?

Some ministers who knew Mu Zhentian well were not shocked but felt chilly, knowing His Majesty must have a reason not to kill Consort Qin.

Consort Qin didn't think about this. She thought she would be executed. To her surprise, she just needed to reflect on her misdeeds and wasn't even imprisoned!

This… was really a surprise!

Did His Majesty really love her? So he forgave her?

"You can leave now. I'll stay in the Princess' Estate for some time." Mu Zhentian waved his hand and closed his eyes.

He was afraid he wouldn't be able to keep from killing Consort Qin right now.

Soon, all the ministers retreated, leaving only Mu Zhentian and Mu Xuexin in the room.

"Father," Mu Xuexin curled her lips, "Consort Qin harbors ill intentions. You were poisoned by her. She almost killed you. If it weren't for Miss Yun, you would have already died."

Hearing this, Mu Zhentian became more curious about Yun Luofeng. "It seems that I really should thank Miss Yun. When I'm free, I'll visit her and thank her in person."

Mu Xuexin was unhappy, "Father, you know Consort Qin has done so many evil things. Why did you still let her off?"

"Xuexin," Mu Zhentian sighed helplessly, "it was because I want to know who Mu Ran's father is!"

Mu Ran was the son of Consort Qin and the only prince.

Mu Xuexin was stunned. What did Father mean?

"As a matter of fact, before I became ill, I learned that I had become infertile due to constant overwork."

"But that doesn't mean that Mu Ran is not your son. Maybe you were able to make Consort Qin pregnant before you became ill?"

"So…" Mu Zhentian gave a faint smile," I sent someone to secretly take his blood sample and make a blood test with it. It turned out that he is not my son! But I was sick in bed before I had a chance to check it out! Do you think I'll let her off after she cheated on me?"

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