Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1872 - Frame-up (3)

Chapter 1872: Frame-up (3)

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Mu Zhentian looked at her as lovingly as ever, with his eyes full of affection for her. Looking at him, she felt she was in a dream.

"Xuexin, I'm sorry I let you be wronged."

Mu Xuexin couldn't control her emotion anymore, rushed into Mu Zhentian's arms and burst into tears.

"Father, you woke up. That's great. You finally woke up. I thought I would never see you again."

She really should thank Yun Luofeng! Had it not been for Yun Luofeng, she and Father would surely have only met in heaven. She saved both Father and her.

Consort Qin stood stiffly at the door with cold sweat all over her. Her feet could hardly move, as if they were rooted to the ground.

"Consort Qin, didn't you claim His Majesty had died? And you said he was murdered by the Princess. But His Majesty is alive! How can you explain it?" a loyal minister snapped, looking quite angry.

Consort Qin's face was pale and her lips trembled slightly. She had planned each step, but she never expected that His Majesty would wake up.

It was all over!

This time, she was finished.

Hearing the minister's words, Mu Zhentian glared at Consort Qin, "Consort Qin, can you explain to me what happened? When I was sick, you bullied my baby girl?"

"Your… Your Majesty… "


Consort Qin fell to her knees with her face full of tears and she looked so sad and pitiful.

"I didn't mean it. Someone used me to frame the Princess. I'm innocent."

After saying this, she looked at Mu Xuexin, "Your Highness, I was deceived by someone. Please forgive me."

Was she begging for her mercy?

Mu Xuexin sneered. Wasn't it too late?

"Consort Qin, you said you were wronged, but you tried to give me to Qi Mo as his concubine!"


Hearing Mu Xuexin's words, Mu Zhentian flew into a fury and pounded his clenched fist against the bed. Since he hadn't yet fully recovered his fist didn't have much strength, but it still scared everyone in the room who gasped in horror.

"It seems that a lot of things happened when I was sick. So my baby girl is only worthy of being a concubine?"

As he said the last word, Consort Qin felt a murderous aura released from him, which made her legs limp and she almost fell to the ground.

"Your Majesty… I, I didn't make that decision. Somebody must have framed me."

"And…" Mu Xuexin sneered, "you falsely accused me in front of the ministers that I had fallen in love with Qi Mo when Father was dying and claimed that I begged you to allow me to marry him. Why did you think I would love a man like Qi Mo?"

There was a cold sweat on Consort Qin's forehead. She almost collapsed to the ground and even her eyes turned glassy.

Mu Zhentian clenched his fists, the blue veins in his forehead were strongly pulsing and he wanted to strangle the woman alive.

"Xuexin is engaged to Qi Su. Do you think Qi Su is not as good as Qi Mo? Would she abandon Qi Su and choose Qi Mo? Were the ministers stupid or were you stupid?"

Hearing his words, the ministers all kept silent.

His Majesty meant they were stupid! They really shouldn't have believed Consort Qin's absurd words!

"Your Majesty… "


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