Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1871 - Frame-up (2)

Chapter 1871: Frame-up (2)

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Qi Su?

Mu Xuexin had heard about what happened in the Spirit Gathering Pharmacy. When she heard they were the puppets of the Spirit Gathering Pharmacy, warmth welled up within her.

She soon calmed down, and her cold voice resounded throughout the yard, with a murderous air, "Anyone who dares to take one more step forward will be killed!"

The two guards, who had been ordered to protect Mu Xuexin, went forward at her command and stared coldly at the group of people.

Consort Qin was a bit chagrined. She really underestimated the girl and didn't know that she had borrowed the puppets from Qi Su. She seemed to be aware of what she was going to do. Unfortunately, she didn't take Mu Xuexin seriously, so she didn't bring the strong masters of the Imperial Family with her.

"Mu Xuexin, you murdered His Majesty! You should be sentenced to death!" Consort Qin rolled her eyes and shouted coldly, "Don't you think you can survive with the protection of these puppets. Don't forget that the Imperial Family has a lot of strong masters. Do you think these puppets can protect you? I advise you to confess your guilt in case someone else is involved!

By someone else, she was referring to Qi Su. She was very clear about Mu Xuexin's feelings for Qi Su. To protect Qi Su, she would definitely plead guilty!

However, in the face of her threat, Mu Xuexin just sneered. "You say I murdered my father? Where is the evidence? That's just your one-sided statement! I think you wanted to murder my father and you are trying to make me your scapegoat."

"Nonsense!" Consort Qin was outraged. "I love His Majesty so much. How could I murder him? My son, unlike you, also avidly loves his father. Only you would murder him!"

Mu Xuexin gave her a contemptuous smile. "Then why are you so sure Father is dead?"

"Well…" Consort Qin sneered, "I was worried about His Majesty, so I sent someone to check only to find that His Majesty had died."

Mu Xuexin tilted her head sideways, "May I ask Consort Qin why I wanted to murder Father?"

"How would I know? You don't need a reason to murder!" Consort Qin looked extremely indignant as if Mu Xuexin had really murdered the Emperor.

Looking at her brazen face, Mu Xuexin smiled but her heart was filled with murderous desire.

The Grand Preceptor frowned. There was anger in his eyes. He suppressed the anger in his heart and said, "Princess, if you think you're innocent, just open the door. If His Majesty is alive, we'll leave."

Consort Qin gave a triumphant smile. The Emperor was already dead, and Mu Xuexin was destined to be buried with him. No matter how hard she tried to stop them, she couldn't get away with it.


Just as Consort Qin was gloating, a low, magnetic sound came from the room.

"Let them in."

Consort Qin's face immediately stiffened, her pupils dilated, and she almost thought she was hearing things.

Was that the Emperor's voice?

That was impossible!

Even if he didn't die, he wouldn't be able to wake up!

At the same time, the ministers present all heard the voice. Among them, some were glad to hear it, some couldn't believe it. and some panicked.

"It's His Majesty. It's His Majesty's voice!"

"Did I hear it right? His Majesty really woke up?"

With the crowd was in an uproar, Mu Xuexin had taken the lead to push the door open and at first glance saw the man on the bed with his eyes open.

At this moment, Mu Xuexin choked up. After suffering for a year she was finally relieved.


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