Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1870 - Frame-up (1)

Chapter 1870: Frame-up (1)

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The Liufeng Kingdom, the Princess' Estate.

Time flew. Over the last three days the Princess' Estate was very quiet, and even Consort Qin, who never stopped vexing Mu Xuexin, didn't bother her.

However, the peace was broken three days later…

A crowd of people appeared at the gate of the Princess' Estate.

The crowd, led by Consort Qin, entered the estate in such a rush that the Princess' Estate people couldn't stop them at all.

"What's the matter?"

Mu Xuexin heard the noise outside and walked out of the estate. She couldn't help but frown when the first person she saw was the grim-faced Consort Qin.

"Mu Xuexin, how dare you!"

Consort Qin gave out an angry howl that made Mu Xuexin's eardrums ache. She rubbed her aching ears and looked quite dissatisfied.

"Are you here to disturb my father?"

Consort Qin looked extremely sad and pointed her slender fingers at Mu Xuexin. "How dare you mention His Majesty! During this period, I had someone monitor your Princess' Estate. Why didn't you tell us His Majesty had died? Are you trying to conceal something?"

Mu Xuexin scowled, "Consort Qin, without any evidence, how can you accuse me like this? Aren't you afraid of eating your own bitter fruit?"

In fact, Mu Xuexin knew Consort Qin's intention the very moment she appeared. However, when she thought of what Yun Luofeng told her, a killing intent appeared in her chilly eyes.

"Princess, stop quibbling!" Consort Qin looked extremely sad, "Imperial Physician Yu told me you took some dream returning grass from the pharmacy. What were you going to do with it? If you didn't murder His Majesty, why don't you let us see him?"

"I told you, Father just fell asleep and no one is allowed to disturb him!"

Mu Xuexin straightened up and blocked Consort Qin's way. She raised her chin obstinately, with a touch of coldness in her eyes.

At first, the ministers didn't believe what Consort Qin said, but now seeing Mu Xuexin preventing them from entering the room, they couldn't help but suspect that the Emperor had died. The ministers immediately panicked. If His Majesty did die, the Liufeng Kingdom would be in a state of turmoil.

"Princess," an old minister stepped forward, "I believe you're innocent, but please let us see His Majesty."

Mu Xuexin frowned. Miss Yun said Father would wake up today, but it took time. Before he woke up, he couldn't be disturbed.

'I said no one was allowed in!" Muxuexin shouted. "When Father wakes up, I'll let you see him."

Wake up? Consort Qin sneered in her heart, The Emperor will never wake up.

"It seems Princess is trying to conceal something. You don't dare to let us see His Majesty because you're afraid we will find out you poisoned him, right?!" Consort Qin began to sob, "His Majesty loved you so much. How could you murder him?!"

"Princess, get out of the way. If His Majesty is fine, why don't you let us see him?" General Li sneered and went up to push Mu Xuexin aside.

Just then the two god-level puppets that were secretly protecting Mu Xuexin fell from the sky, landed on the ground with a thud, and blocked his way with their massive bodies.

Mu Xuexin was stunned. These two people looked quite powerful…

But she was sure she didn't know them!

"They are…" General Li was stunned, and then he suddenly thought of something and hurriedly withdrew his hand, "They are god-level puppets from the Spirit Gathering Pharmacy!"


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