Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1869 - Smug (2)

Chapter 1869: Smug (2)

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Elder Five paused and a touch of surprise flickered across her face.

"Master, the Eldest Miss…"

"Tell me honestly, what on earth is she busy doing?" The middle-aged man scowled and gnashed his teeth.

Seeing that he had known about it, Elder Five said helplessly, "Young Master Ji wasn't willing to marry the Eldest Miss and left with an excuse. Eldest Miss was unwilling to accept it and took people to hunt him down."


The middle-aged man angrily pounded on the table, looking furious.

"Master, is there something wrong with the Eldest Miss?"

Noticing the middle-aged man's expression, Elder Five paused and asked anxiously.

The middle-aged man shuddered and closed his eyes. After quite a while, he opened his eyes. "The members of the Jian Family have telepathy with each other, but just now, I felt the telepathy between her and me disappear, which means she is dead."

"What?" Elder Five was stunned.

Every member of the Jian Family was born with telepathy with the other family members. Only the people of the Jian Family knew about this and it was unknown to outsiders.

Since Master said the Eldest Miss was dead, then she must have died!

Thinking of this, Elder Five was so regretful. He shouldn't have let the Eldest Miss go to hunt down Ji Jiutian and should have tried his best to stop her.

"Master, are you going to chase after Ji Jiutian?

"Chase after him?" The middle-aged man sneered, "To be honest, I don't know the real strength of Ji Jiutian. Even if he isn't powerful, his potential is infinite! I can afford to lose a daughter but I can't afford to lose the whole Jian Family."

"What are you going to do, Master?" Uncle Five thought for a while and asked.

The middle-aged man's eyes twinkled, "Tian'er had a fierce temper. No wonder Ji Jiutian didn't like her. Then… let An'er marry him."

"The Third Miss?" Elder Five was surprised, "But the Third Miss was born to your concubine. Will Ji Jiutian marry a girl born to a concubine?"

On the Continent of Wind and Cloud, people didn't care much about descent, but only considered it when distributing family property to children. However, Elder Five didn't think Ji Jiutian would marry a girl born to a concubine.

"Except for Tian'er, only my second daughter Yi'er was born to my wife. But she has to marry the Second Prince, so it can't be her! Now, only An'er is available. An'er is a quiet and gentle girl, and Ji Jiutian will definitely like her." A cunning gleam flickered across his eyes.

Besides the Imperial Family, he also wanted to rope in outstanding young spirit cultivators. If these people could be used by him, he didn't mind sacrificing his daughters.

After all, he just took his daughters as tools!

Unfortunately, Jian An was born to a concubine and he didn't like her much, so at the very beginning, he didn't think of her. But now he had no other choice. He would use any daughter he could use!

Fortunately, the middle-aged man hadn't seen Yun Xiao, or else he would also scheme to marry a daughter to him.

"Elder Five, in the whole Tianqi Kingdom, my daughters are the most beautiful women. These beautiful daughters are powerful weapons for me. Even heroes fall for beauties. No man can escape the temptation of beautiful women, and only the most outstanding men in the world are worthy of my daughters."

The middle-aged man laughed and looked not quite sad about the death of his eldest daughter. Even though he was sad at the time he felt it, he was sad that he lost a bargaining chip instead of mourning for his daughter.

Elder Five gave a wry smile. He had a feeling that Ji Jiutian wouldn't accept the Third Miss…

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