Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1865 - Get Down On Your Knees (4)

Chapter 1865: Get Down On Your Knees (4)

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Her eyes slowly turned to Qi Zheng and Qi Mo before she saw the delicate woman following them.

She frowned and a touch of disgust flickered across her eyes.

Why did Brother bring this woman here? Although she didn't like Lin Qing, as a woman, what she hated more was this kind of coquettes who were so good at seducing men.

The woman's affectation, in particular, made her uncomfortable.

But she knew it was not a time to make trouble.

Consort Qin scowled and snapped, "Brother, why were you so late in coming here? Didn't you see that Qi Su, the little bastard, was trying to give me a hard time? Today your Qi Family must give me a reason!"

Not refuting her words, Qi Su smiled and his eyes were full of contempt and sarcasm.

A touch of embarrassment flashed through Qi Zheng's face. He did want to come out earlier, but this damn man kept close watch over him and gave him no chance. He glanced at Yun Yi behind him and gnashed his teeth.

Consort Qin was here. He'd like to see how these people still bullied him!

In fact, Qi Zheng could come out because Yun Luofeng told Yun Yi through soul communication to temporarily release Qi Zheng and his family.

That was why they were here. After all, it was better to solve them together with Consort Qin.


Yun Luofeng smiled and narrowed her eyes, and a smile flashed through her eyes.

She didn't want to solve them herself but would let Qi Su solve them!

"Your Highness, I also wanted to come out earlier," Qi Zheng complained tearfully, "but these people wouldn't let me, and I couldn't help it. Besides, several days ago, Qi Su brought these outsiders to the Qi Family, seized our property, and confined me. I couldn't resist them."


Upon hearing this, Consort Qin gnashed her teeth, and turned her eyes to Qi Su, "Little b*stard, Who allowed you to seize the property of the Qi Family? How dare you, an expellee, do this to us?"

Her voice was shrill.

If the Qi Family's property was in Qi Zheng's hands, she might still be able to use them. But if Qi Su took them, from what she knew of this boy, she would not receive a single coin from him.

How could she allow it?

"I know. Your spirit gathering medicinal liquid and puppets were both stolen from our Qi Family. You stole these things from us and sold them to the Second Prince. How dare you!" Consort Qin raised her eyebrows and huffed.

No wonder they were born by the same mother. Both of them shamelessly claimed others' property as their own.

Qi Zhen was so glad to hear this. With Consort Qin here, Qi Su would have to surrender!


Just after Consort Qin said this, Qi Su suddenly appeared in front of her and slapped her hard.

"I never hit a woman, but some people force me to do it! It's not my fault."

Consort Qin was stunned. She didn't expect that Qi Su would hit her with so many witnesses.

How could he?!

"Qi Su, it seems that you want to die!" Consort Qin's eyes suddenly turned chilly and she gnashed her teeth. "Your mother Lin Qing is a b*tch and you're a b*stard without family education who even dares to beat your aunt!"

Qi Su's aura suddenly changed. He grabbed Consort Qin by the neck, lifted her up and said coldly, "Say it again!"

At this moment, Consort Qin's face changed and she felt even angrier. Those guards were really trash. How could they be so weak? And how could Qi Zheng not come up to help her?!

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