Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1862 - Healing (1)

Chapter 1862: Healing (1)

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"Could you take me to see him?"

Yun Luofeng slightly narrowed her eyes and there was a light in them. If she could defeat her enemy without a fight, she didn't mind leveraging other powers. If she could cure the Liufeng Kingdom's Emperor, be it the Qi Family or Consort Qi, she wouldn't have to deal with them by herself.

Mu Xuexin froze, then shook her head with a wry smile and said, "Miss Yun, no one can cure my father. You'd better not get yourself into this trouble. Otherwise, it'll surely affect you."

Since both Father and she were going to die anyway, why should she get an innocent person involved? In particular, this innocent person not only was Qi Ling's master but also saved her life.

"Sister Mu, take my Master to have a look. My Master's medical skills are excellent and she should be able to cure His Majesty."

In Qi Ling's heart, Yun Luofeng was an omnipotent god. There was nothing in the world that Yun Luofeng couldn't do!

Mu Xuexin smiled helplessly at Qi Ling's expectant eyes. She looked up at Yun Luofeng and said, "I've taken Father out of the Imperial Palace. I can take you to see him. If you can't cure him, you can leave secretly."

If it was in the Imperial Palace, it would be rather inconvenient under so many eyes. Fortunately, she had already taken Father out of the palace, and if Yun Luofeng couldn't cure him, no one would blame her.

"Let's go."

Yun Luofeng closed the book in her hands and said mildly.

"Now?" Mu Xuexin, somewhat surprised, asked.

Yun Luofeng glanced at her, "Yes, is it inconvenient for you?"

"No," said Mu Xuexin helplessly, "please come with me."

The Princess' Estate

It was silent.

Outside the east wing room, seeing Mu Xuexin coming from a distance, two guards respectfully made an obeisance, "Your Highness."

"I'm bringing someone to see my father. Guard outside. Don't let anyone in."

"Yes, Your Highness!" The two guards guarded the door.

"Miss Yun, these guards were given to me by Father. They are absolutely loyal to me. You don't need to worry about them leaking any information." With that, Mu Xuexin pushed the door open, "It doesn't matter even if you can't cure my father."

After all, she had already given up.

Inside the room, a pale man was lying on the bed. His handsome face was full of pain, and his breathing was very weak, as if he would disappear at any moment.

Yun Luofeng's face darkened as she saw the man lying on the bed.

"Miss Yun, what's the matter?" Mu Xuexin noticed the changes in Yun Luofeng and questioned.

Yun Luofeng frowned slightly, "Who fed him medicine today?"

"An imperial maid. Is there any problem?" Mu Xuexin felt her heart skip a beat.Was there something wrong with today's medicinal soup?

"In the medicinal soup he took today there was a spirit herb called dream returning grass!" Yun Luofeng's eyes darkened bit by bit. "Dream returning grass is very powerful. If anyone takes it they will die in their sleep within three days."

"Dream returning grass?" Mu Xuexin's face went white, "How do you know that Father took the dream returning grass?"

"He has the smell of dream returning grass on him."

Imperial Physician Yu dared to feed the Emperor dream returning grass because it was colorless and tasteless, so no one would discover it. However, Yun Luofeng's mental strength was very strong, and the dream returning grass was a psychotropic spirit herb, so she could feel it with her mental strength.

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