Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1861 - Like Mother, Like Son (6)

Chapter 1861: Like Mother, Like Son (6)

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Yun Luofeng took over the meteorite heart Qi Su handed to her and asked with a smile, "What else happened besides that?"

Qi Su fell silent and seemed to be worried.

Seeing through him, Yun Luofeng asked mildly, "Are you worried about the Fourth Princess?"

Qi Su slightly nodded. "I didn't plan to see her so early, but I heard Qi Mo said that Consort Qin wanted to marry her to Qi Mo as a concubine, so I'm a bit worried… "

From what he knew of Mu Xuexin, she wouldn't be able to bear such a grievance!

"Then I ask you, is there any way to see Mu Xuexin?" Yun Luofeng asked seriously, her fingers gently tapping the table.

"In the Imperial City, there are two Princess' Estates. One is in the Imperial Palace and the other out of it, but she rarely lives in the latter one. So, if you want to see her, you have to go to the Imperial Palace."

He was not qualified to enter the Imperial Palace, and those people wouldn't let him see Mu Xuexin either.

Just then, a guard came in a hurry. "Second Young Master."

This guard was not from the Qi Family but rather had followed Qi Su before.

"What's the matter?" Qi Su frowned and asked.

"The Fourth Princess is here and she wants to meet Second Young Master."

Mu 'er?

Qi Su's body shivered and his eyes were lit up. His heart was filled with joy, but he tried his best to restrain it.

"How did Mu 'er know that I'm here in the Qi Family? Let her in."

"Yes, Second Young Master." The guard slowly left.

After a while, Mu Xuexin walked in led by the guard. From a distance, she saw the tall young man, and her clear eyes sparkled with joy.

She hadn't seen him for a year, and he was still so handsome, but she felt as if she hadn't seen him for a lifetime.

"Qi Su…"

She stopped not far from Qi Su, and gazed at him, as if… looking at her whole world.

"Mu'er, you've come?"

Qi Su didn't ask her how she knew he was in the Qi Family, nor did he have to ask. Now the only thing in his mind was this girl in front of him.

"Qi Su, you shouldn't have come back," Mu Xuexin said with a wry smile. "The Imperial City is unstable now, and Father is ill in bed. I… can't help you."

"I came back this time to seek justice for myself!" A cold gleam flickered across Qi Su's eyes. "The Qi Family has today's status because of my Master. I will never surrender my Master's achievements to the Qi Family!"

Mu Xuexin had a lump in her throat, and she suddenly felt that Qi Su had grown up a lot in the last one year…

"Miss Yun."

Suddenly, she saw the woman sitting in the bower, and she gave her a grateful smile.

"I heard that Qi Su was accompanied by a woman, and I guessed it was you. Thank you for your help that day. Otherwise, I might be buried on Lingchuan Mountain."

"Ah, Sister Mu, you've come!"

Before Yun Luofeng replied, a small figure rushed from the side.

Qi Ling's body was soft, her smile was sweet and she looked so innocent. She was no longer as cowardly as the first time she met Yun Luofeng.

Yun Luofeng put down the book in her hand and looked up slightly. Her wicked eyes fell slowly on Mu Xuexin.

"The Emperor of the Liufeng Kingdom is seriously ill in bed? What's the matter with him? "

Mu Xuexin's eyes darkened, "He is ill because he has been mourning my mother all these years. However, because of those quacks in the Imperial Hospital, he didn't recover, but fell into a coma."


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