Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1860 - Like Mother, Like Son (5)

Chapter 1860: Like Mother, Like Son (5)

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Mu Xuexin slowly closed her eyes. After a long time, she opened her eyes.

There was no emotion in her clear eyes.

"First, I didn't even touch him, so I'm not going to take the blame, and second, even if I beat him, so what? He beat me first! I just want to warn you, you can never escape God's retribution for all your deeds! If you do too many bad things, you'll have retribution sooner or later!"

"You witch, you'll have retribution. You'll be damned!" The little prince raised his head and glared at Mu Xuexin.

Mother said it was because of this woman that Father ignored him!

This woman took her Father from her!

So she deserved to die!

Mu Xuexin snorted and turned her eyes to the man on the bed, "This time I came to take my father away."


The first person who objected was Liu Yi. He frowned and said, "The Emperor is seriously ill in bed and can't stand being roughly moved. Where will you take him?"

"I'm taking Father to the Princess' Estate outside the imperial city."

The Emperor loved Mu Xuexin very much. In addition to the Princess' Estate in the imperial palace, there was also another one outside the imperial palace, but Mu Xuexin barely lived there. So there wasn't even a maid in the estate except for a few servants who were responsible for cleaning up.

Consort Qin fluttered her eyelids. She had planned to force Mu Xuexin to stay with the Emperor. Then when she poisoned the Emperor to death, she could dump the blame on her. She didn't expect that this woman wanted to take the Emperor away!

Then her plan was easier to carry out.

"Princess, I'm afraid it's not proper. If you take His Majesty out of the imperial palace, there won't be any physician available. Then how can he recover?"


Mu Xuexin sneered, "Father fell sick from overwork. If he takes a good rest, even if he can't immediately recover, he won't be like this. Obviously, he was harmed by those quacks! Don't worry. I'll look for famous physicians and ask them to treat Father. If he can't be cured, I'm willing to die as an apology!"

Look for famous physicians?

In this world, was there a physician who could cure Father?

She was taking her father away because she didn't want to meet Consort Qin and her son every time she came to the imperial palace. She would rather spend a few months outside.

Besides, she would rather follow Father after he died than become Qi Mo's concubine.

"Your Excellency…"

Seeing Liu Yi was going to say something, Consort Qin immediately interrupted him, "Since Princess wants to do it, why don't we satisfy her? And I'll go to see His Majesty from time to time."

The Emperor was seriously ill, so the most powerful person in the imperial palace was Consort Qin.

Since she had agreed, no one dared to say no.

Mu Xuexin coldly glanced at Consort Qin, and ordered coldly, "Guards, take Father away. Besides, in this period of time, no one is allowed to enter my Princess' Estate without my permission!"

She meant Consort Qin!

Consort Qin's face changed. Know what she was implying, she gave a ferocious smile.

Mu Xuexin, I'll allow you to live for a few more days. In three days, you must die!

At this moment, in the courtyard of the Qi Family, Yun Luofeng sat quietly in the pavilion, listening to Qi Su's report.

"Miss Yun, although General Li tried to make trouble for us, thanks to him, the medicinal liquids of our Spirit Gathering Pharmacy were sold out, and the three puppets were also sold. And… someone sold us some meteorite heart."

Meteorite heart?

Yun Luofeng's eyes lit up. With the meteorite heart, she could forge puppets as powerful as Yun Yi.

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