Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1859 - Like Mother, Like Son (4)

Chapter 1859: Like Mother, Like Son (4)

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“Fourth Princess, the Emperor doesn’t have many days left and on the account that he doted on you for numerous years, it’s better if you stay guard by the Emperor’s side these few days. The one speaking was Liu Yue’s father, the cabinet minister Liu Yi.

“That’s right,” Grand Tutor Jiao also cast a disapproving gaze at Mu Xuexin. “What Lord Liu says is reasonable. Upon arriving, you found fault with Consort Qin and the little prince. However, Consort Qin and the little prince had been guarding by the Emperor’s side for many days. In comparison, you were missing for the whole day! What’s even more absurd is that you requested Consort Qin to bestow you a marriage during this situation.”

“Fourth Princess, it’s of your business to have mutual feelings with Qi Mo, but the Emperor is seriously ill and you have the spare energy to care about your relationship? Aren’t you letting the Emperor down?” Liu Yi furiously said while revealing a grieving expression.

All of a sudden, Mu Xuexin widened her eyes.

She was mutually in love with Qi Mo? And even requested concubine Qin to bestow a marriage? Could this woman be more shameless?

Instantly, Mu Xuexin furiously glared at concubine Qin. “Consort Qin, a shameless person like you dares to tarnish my reputation? When have I ever been mutually in love with Qi Mo? Clearly, it was you who wanted to gift me to Qi Mo as a concubine!”

Following Mu Xuexin’s voice, all the minister’s sight gathered on Consort Qin’s face.

Consort Qin covered her mouth in shock and cast a painful gaze at Mu Xuexin. Her expression was just like she was blaming Mu Xuexin for framing her.

Of course, at this moment, Consort Qin fiercely pinched the little prince’s leg while everyone wasn’t paying attention. Immediately, tears flowed down from his face as he pounced towards Mu Xuexin.

“Bad woman, you’re framing my mother! I personally witnessed you and cousin Qi Mo bantering flirtatiously! I also saw you kneeling before my mother to ask about a marriage!” His fists fiercely struck Mu Xuexin.

It was reasonable to say that Mu Xuexin could have sent the little prince flying with one hand but at this moment, the aura radiating from General Li prevented her from moving. As his aura was only aimed at Mu Xuexin, others hadn’t noticed it.

“Bad woman, father’s doting is wasted on you! You’re the Imperial Family’s misfortune, a disgrace!” The little prince’s fists fiercely hammered on Mu Xuexin. She sucked in a cold breath from anger and viciously glared at the little prince.

However… she hadn’t moved in the slightest, but the little prince’s body suddenly fell back with a bang as he fell on the ground.

“Imperial Son.”

Consort Qin hastily went up and supported the little prince. She glanced at Mu Xuexin with bitterness and said, “Previously you came looking for a marriage and even asked me to shoulder the blame by saying I am the one who forced you to marry. As such, you wouldn’t be blamed for being unfilial. However, I’m honestly unwilling to witness the Emperor being so pitiful and so, had revealed this matter.”

“However…” Tears spilled from Consort Qin’s face. “I never expected you would make false accusations and even framed me as such. Just because I had exposed your true colors before everyone?”

“It’s fine framing me, but why did you raise your hands against my son? He’s still a child and no matter what mistakes he has done, how could you, as his sister injure him?”

Mu Xuexin had never encountered such shameless people before and trembled from anger. Her elegant petite face was also incomparably pale.

“I didn’t injure him, he was the one hitting me!”

“Fourth Princess.” Consort Qin carried the little prince and stood up, while her eyes filled with grief gazed at Mu Xuexin. There wasn’t anger in her eyes, only the emotions of resentment. “You said you hadn’t hit my child? Then why would he fall down without a reason?”

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