Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1858 - Like Mother, Like Son (3)

Chapter 1858: Like Mother, Like Son (3)

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Her face became twisted due to rage and her trembling delicate body radiated traces of cold air.

Comparatively speaking, dealing with Mu Xuexin was more important than Qi Su. Therefore, she would spare his life for the time being!

"General Li, follow me to visit the Emperor!" Consort Qin took a deep breath and stood up from the chaise lounge.

The time for the Emperor to consume the medicine has passed and she was confident that Imperial Physician Yu had succeeded…

Emperor's bedroom chambers.

The little prince knelt before the Emperor's bed and cried uncontrollably as if the Emperor had met his end. However, his head had always been buried on the bed and so no one discovered that he was only crying out loud without tears. There wasn't a single trace of tears on his face.

Of course, the little prince's heart-wrenching wails caused the ministers keeping watch in the bedroom to be emotionally moved.

"Sigh, the little prince is really filial. He has been visiting the Emperor every day but in comparison, I wonder where the Fourth Princess disappeared to?"

"The Emperor doted on the Fourth Princess the most and right now she is truly being unfilial! She couldn't even be compared to a single strand of hair on the little prince."

All the ministers shook their heads and sighed with disapproval in their eyes. As Mu Xuexin hadn't appeared in the Emperor's bedroom chambers for a few days, it caused everyone to be bitterly disappointed. After all, the Emperor doted on the Fourth Princess the most!

"Your servant pays her respects to Consort Qin." A wave of salutation sounded outside the doors. Soon after, Consort Qin entered and slowly walked to the Emperor's sickbed.

"The Fourth Princess hasn't come?" Consort Qin's expression contained discontent. "This Fourth Princess is too much. The Emperor is bedridden and she doesn't even know to keep guard by his side. Yesterday, she even came looking for me, saying that she is mutually in love with the Qi Family's Qi Mo, and wished for me to grant their marriage in place of the Emperor."

"What?" Without a doubt, Consort Qin's words were similar to a heavy hammer, causing everyone to turn pale from shock.

"The Fourth Princess wishes to marry Qi Mo? Doesn't she have a marriage agreement with Qi Su?'

"Although Qi Su had been chased out of Qi Family, now the Emperor is seriously ill so how could she be concerned about her relationship and abandon the Emperor without concern?

With this, all the ministers were unhappy with Mu Xuexin's actions and only a few ministers believed she wouldn't be so unfilial.

A smile quirked on Consort Qin's lips as her lowered eyes concealed her complacent smirk. She quietly gazed at the man lying on the sickbed while a cold glint flashed through her eyes.

Your Majesty, since you dote on the Fourth Princess so much and can't forget about the Empress, your Consort shall send you all to have a family reunion in a few days!

"Fourth Princess!" Just as Consort Qin was pondering how to torment Mu Xuexin, the palace maid's voice could be heard outside.

Soon after, Mu Xuexin dressed in pink walked in from the doors and spotted Consort Qin standing in the room with a glance. Her eyes then revealed traces of hatred.

"Fourth Princess, you're finally here," Consort Qin faintly smiled. "I thought you didn't care about the Emperor. If so, the Emperor would've wasted his doting on you."

Mu Xuexin snorted. "Does keeping watch by Imperial Father's side represent my filial piety? If you have the spare energy, why don't you think of how to save him?"

"Then has the Fourth Princess found any methods to cure the Emperor?" Consort Qin's eyes flickered as she gently asked.

Mu Xuexin bit her lips. "I haven't found any right now, but I will do my best to save him!"

"Is that so?" Consort Qin sneered and the mocking in her eyes was obvious. Those ministers present could no longer continue watching and couldn't help but criticize her.

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