Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1857 - Like Mother, Like Son (2)

Chapter 1857: Like Mother, Like Son (2)

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Imperial Physician Yu did not linger for long before General Li entered in haste with an unsightly expression. "Consort Qin, the spirit-gathering medicine store manager is Qi Su, and that son of a bitch was too much! He actually dared to humiliate the Imperial Family in public, completely not placing any importance on the Imperial Family."

Consort Qin's eyes darkened. "You failed the task of closing down the spirit-gathering medicine store? Furthermore, that store is related to Qi Su?'

Previously, the spirit-gathering liquid was sold in Fengling Town and naturally, Consort Qin wasn't aware and neither did Qi Zheng inform her, afraid that the formulation would be snatched by her. However… since the spirit-gathering medicine store opened in Empire City, there was no reason Consort Qin would be in the dark with her capabilities.

"It's Qi Su that son of a bitch!" General Li gnashed his teeth in hatred. "Not only does he has the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid, but he has also produced god-level puppets!"

Puppets in the god-level realm?

Consort Qin's heart suddenly skipped a beat as a glint streaked across her eyes.

If these puppets became mine, I'll have the capability to oppose those ministers!

"Summon Qi Su to meet me. He shouldn't have known that was my order and is pardonable. If he understands that I want the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid, he'll definitely offer it with both hands." Consort Qin stuck out her chest as she ordered while being on her high horse.

General Li's expression was somewhat embarrassed. "Qi Su… knows I belong to your faction."

"What?" Consort Qin's expression changed. "He knows it's me yet he dares to do so? I'm his aunt! Does he disregards an elder's orders now?" This Qi Su was too excessive, without the slightest upbringing. She truly didn't know how his mother had brought him up!

"Furthermore…" General Li cautiously glanced at Consort Qin, "Before I came, I asked around and heard that Qi Su supposedly had the formulation, but sold it to the Tianqi Kingdom's Second Prince a few days ago. I believe that this medicine store should be the Second Prince's."

Although General Li was stupid, he was aware of what to do. After he left in defeat, he had asked around about the medicine store's owner. The moment he inquired, he had managed to obtain information…

The Empire City's locals weren't aware of Fengling Town's affairs but they obtained the information from hearsay. As for the rumor of selling the formulation to the Second Prince, it was the Second Prince who deliberately spread the rumor to help Qi Su, with the objective to create a misconception.

If the medicine store was the Second Prince's, it wasn't as simple to seize the store by force. Otherwise, it would start a war between two countries and the gains wouldn't make up for the losses!

Consort Qin nearly spat blood from anger as her beautiful face became twisted. "Qi Su that b*stard sold that formulation to the Second Prince instead of gifting it to his aunt!? The Qi Family has truly brought him up in waste!"

"Your Highness, that b*stard is really too much, to rather sell it to the Second Prince than our Liufeng Kingdom. He's completely an ungrateful b*stard." Supposedly, General Li spoke to agree to Consort Qin's words but who knew he would cause her to become more enraged.

"What do you mean sell to our Liufeng Kingdom? Not only am I the Imperial Consort, I'm also his aunt! Giving me his belongings is to his honor and why should he take money?"

Consort Qin tightly clenched her fists. If Qi Su was before her, she would kill him without a doubt!

"Your Highness, are we to forget about this just like that?" General Li carefully and cautiously asked.

Consort Qin had an ashen complexion as she said, "We don't have to capability to close down the medicine hall, but Qi Su cannot be forgiven. However, I have something more important and after my son ascends the throne, that will be the day that this Qi Family brother and sister die!"

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