Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1856 - Like Mother, Like Son (1)

Chapter 1856: Like Mother, Like Son (1)

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"Yes, Imperial Mother. Your son understands."

The little prince buried his head in Consort Qin's embrace and grumbled. "Imperial Mother, those ministers are still trying to save Imperial Father and they don't even treat me as the Emperor! Aren't they stupid? I'm the only son Imperial Father has, and who would be the Emperor if not me?"

In any case, this position would certainly be his and no one could vie with him.

"Since my son very much wishes for his death, I shall think of methods for you. Right now, head towards your Imperial Father's palace and remember, cry the moment you see your Imperial Father, to show your filial piety. Imperial mother will settle the rest for you."

Consort Qin lowered her eyes while a ruthless glint flashed across. The little prince no longer pestered her and retreated after bowing. Looking at the little prince's departing figure, a sinister trace surfaced in Consort Qin's eyes.

"Men, summon Imperial Physician Yu!"

"Yes, Consort Qin." A palace maid retreated after hearing the orders.

A moment later, a middle-aged man slowly walked in with the palace maid's lead. After he walked in, Consort Qin dismissed her servants and a cold glint streaked across her narrowed eyes. "Imperial Physician Yu, I want you to make the Emperor die three days from now!"

Imperial Physician Yu was startled as his astonishingly looked at Consort Qin. "Consort Qin, you…"

You can't wait any longer?

That's right, the reason why the Emperor fell sick was related to Consort Qin.

Originally, the Emperor's health had been in decline ever since the Empress's passing, to the extent of being bedridden. Of course, if he were to carefully nurse his health, it wasn't impossible to recover. However, Imperial Physician Yu, who was the leader of the physician court was on Consort Qin's side!

He had no alternative options as Consort Qin had discovered his weakness and so, he could only vow his loyalty to her. As Imperial Physician Yu deliberately caused the Emperor's condition to worsen, it resulted in him being unconscious.

"That's right," Consort Qin smiled and said, "Who told this dog Emperor to favor his daughter instead of his son? Also, he has been unwilling to make my son the crown prince. Therefore, he brought this situation upon himself! Imperial Physician Yu, help me this one last time and after my son successfully ascends the throne, you won't be treated unfairly! Furthermore, I can make the decision and gift you the hundred-stalks spirit herb!"

Traces of greed flashed across Imperial Physician Yu's eyes. To him, position wasn't important and spirit herbs were what he wanted the most.

He previously secretly stole spirit herbs of the physician court and was discovered by Consort Qin's men, and thus joined her faction. After all, if this incident were to be known by the Emperor, what awaited him was not only losing his standing but also being trapped in prison!

"What orders does Consort Qin has?"

"When giving his medicine today, add another stalk of poison herb that'll cause his death three days from now. I believe Imperial Physician Yu has the method to make it undetectable and prevent others from knowing."

Imperial Physician Yu was silent for a moment and asked, "Why three days later?"

"Because I want the blame for the Emperor's death by poisoning to be shifted to that slut Mu Xuexin!"

Consort Qin never met the previous Empress but from Mu Xuexin's appearance, it could be seen how devastatingly gorgeous the Empress was. As a result, the Emperor hadn't been able to forget her for many years. It was also because of this that Consort Qin's hatred for Mu Xuexin was much deeper!

It had never occurred to her that it wasn't due to the Empress that the Emperor wasn't fond of her, but instead, due to her being incapable of attracting the Emperor's attention.

Imperial Physician Yu's heart turned cold and he unconsciously sighed. It seems like with the Emperor's death, Consort Qin would no longer tolerate Mu Xuexin…

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