Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1855 - Not Giving Them A Single Copper (12)

Chapter 1855: Not Giving Them A Single Copper (12)

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General Li wasn't aware that the spirit-gathering medicine store also sold puppets and Consort Qin did not inform him about that. Therefore, he merely went along with Qi Su's words earlier on. Thinking of this, General Li raised his chin and his arrogant face contained traces of his determination to win.

"That's right, these puppets originated from the palace and I'm only returning them to their rightful owner! Qi Su, you better tactfully hand over the spirit-gathering medicine store, or else your ending will definitely be miserable!"

"Then I'd like to see how miserable my ending will be." Qi Su had seen shameless people before, but he hadn't seen someone shameless to this extent. It was no wonder the current General Li would become a jackal in the same tribe with Consort Qin.

"Impudent!" General Li loudly shouted and the few puppets moved. Their ice-cold gazes coldly stared at General Li, with an expression seemingly like looking at a dead man.

General Li's expression suddenly changed. Sensing the aura these few puppets radiated, he fiercely sucked in a breath of cold air.

"Qi Su, you'll pay the price for your actions of today!" After saying this, he waved his hands and said in a stern tone, "Let's go."

A wise man submits to circumstances! With the powerful Imperial Family, how could they be helpless in dealing with Qi Su? The matter of vital importance now, was to return to the palace and report this to Consort Qin!

In a luxurious and unique imperial palace, a beautiful woman lazily leaned on a chaise lounge, with two palace maids fanning her at one side. There was even someone kneeling while holding the teacup and quietly waiting for her consumption.

This beautiful woman was extremely gorgeous, with supple skin and brows similar to half-moons, looking sweet-tempered at a glance. However, her seductive pair of eyes instead contained a malicious intent.

"Mother." Suddenly, a seven to eight-year-old little boy bounced and hopped as he ran in. Burrowing into the beautiful woman's embrace, he looked up and asked, "Mother, why isn't Father dead yet?"

If his words were overheard by the officials in the court, it would certainly cause a massive commotion. However, those who were in this palace were her trusted aides and naturally, they didn't need to restrain themselves.

The beautiful woman lowered her eyes and gently stroked his head, while the malicious intent was replaced with an indulgent look.

"The physician has diagnosed that your father only has a few months left. Don't tell me you aren't even willing to wait that long?"

The little prince pouted, seemingly arrogant and willful. "If he passes away earlier, this Liufeng Kingdom would be mine. At that time, I'll ruthlessly torture that slut Mu Xuexin! Who told her to snatch away Father's love from me?"

Like mother, like son! How much better could the son be, when he had a mother with this kind of moral integrity?

Although the little prince was still young, he had long hated Mu Xuexin deep within his bones under the influence of Consort Qin's teaching. It was to the extent that he even hated his father!

"Do you really wish for your father to die?"

"Of course!" The little prince held his head high and his chest out. "I'm Father's only son yet he doesn't even shower me with love. He only cares about that slut Mu Xuexin! As his son, I should be the one he pampers and why pamper a daughter? Everyone knows that daughters are spilled water and it's useless to care for them. In any case, they are to be married in the future."

Consort Qin's gaze was comforting. "What my son thinks is correct. It is just that you can't casually say this in public as there are many ministers who stand in Mu Xuexin's faction. To prevent side issues from arising, there are some things we should keep in our heart."


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