Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1854 - Not Giving Them A Single Copper (11)

Chapter 1854: Not Giving Them A Single Copper (11)

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His changes over this last year were huge. No matter what kind of person General Li was in the past, his current personality was extremely disgraceful.

General Li's expression turned white from green, then vice versa. Ultimately, his gaze suddenly became extremely fierce.

"Qi Su, are you intending to oppose the Imperial Family?"

Qi Su coldly said, "I'm not opposing the Imperial Family. I'm merely opposing Consort Qin. There's no need to guess and I know Consort Qin sent you here. Within the palace, only she could commit such acts!"

"You're uttering nonsense!"

General Li's expression changed and guilty conscience could be seen from his eyes. "Qi Su, you're being treacherous! Consort Qin is warm and virtuous, how could she possibly commit such acts? I accepted orders from the Fourth Princess and she sent me here to seal the medicine store!"

That's right! This was also Consort Qin's orders.

Not only did she want the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid formulation, she also wanted to discredit Mu Xuexin and make everyone think that the Fourth Princess was unreasonable. Unfortunately, it would be better to dispatch other subordinates but she had instead, dispatched a brainless general.

"If you truly accepted orders from the Fourth Princess, would you use such a tone to expose her identity? In contrast, you are defending Consort Qin?" A cold glint streaked across Qi Su's eyes. "From your words, I can infer the person you're working for! However, it's fine if you praise Consort Qin, but you have slandered the Fourth Princess."

In reality, there were also many high officials and aristocrats who came for the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid other than those common families. How could they be fools? If General Li was under the Fourth Princess, he would be doing his utmost in defending her, so why would he directly expose her identity? In contrast, not only did he praise Consort Qin to be warm and virtuous, he was even enraged the moment Qi Su mentioned her. As such, it could be seen whose orders he was under!

Within the Liufeng Kingdom, General Li's strength was pretty good but unfortunately, he was brainless and only used brute force. Originally, Consort Qin thought he was capable and so, dispatched him there thinking that it was an easy feat to close down the medicine store. However, how would she know that General Li would make such a speech?

Without a doubt, this had exposed her and caused the image she painstakingly upheld to crumble!

"Hmph!" General Li snorted. "Qi Su, it's useless no matter what you say! Today, this medicine store is doomed to be sealed! Men, haul everyone away. Instantly the guards standing behind General Li unsheathed their swords and prepared to attack Qi Su.

Yet at this moment, Qi Su slowly raised his hand before gradually placing it down. Everyone was somewhat confused, not understanding his actions. However, in the next second, everyone noticed the meaning behind his hand gesture.

Shopkeeper Zhao opened the cages and the puppets in the cage came out in haste. Similar to a gigantic mountain landing, it caused the entire ground to tremble.

They released their imposing might without restraint as they expressionlessly gazed at the uninvited guests.


God-level? General Li turned pale from shock. Qi Su actually had god-leveled experts by his side?

Although he had also broken through to god-level, he wasn't facing only one god-level expert at this moment!

Recalling Qi Su's previous words, he gritted his teeth and asked, "Qi Su, are these puppets?"

Qi Su sneered. "Didn't you claim my lord stole the palace's puppet manufacturing method? Then why are you asking if they're puppets?"

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