Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1853 - Not Giving Them A Single Copper (10)

Chapter 1853: Not Giving Them A Single Copper (10)

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Shopkeeper Zhao smiled, "That's right."

"May I inquire the identity of the owner behind this spirit-gathering medicine store?" the man continued questioning.

Hearing this question, shopkeeper Zhao didn't have the slightest annoyance as he continued replying, "You'll have to forgive me for being unable to reveal this information.

That person was still somewhat unsatisfied having heard his response, but just as he wanted to inquire further, a voice sounded from the rear.

"Make way, everyone get out the way!"

Everyone was startled and stepped aside. Soon after, a crowd of officers walked over under everyone's line of sight. The leader was a middle-aged man, with arrogance across his face. The scar on his face made him seem malevolent as his eyes contained a swift and fierce glint.

"Take away everyone belonging to the medicine store!"


Hearing his orders, everyone was stunned. Why are these officers suddenly arresting them?

"General Li, aren't you being excessive?" Qi Su walked out from behind shopkeeper Zhao with a cold expression. "What crimes have our staff committed for you to arrest all of us?"

The instant General Li spotted Qi Su he was startled for a moment. "You're the owner of this spirit-gathering medicine store?"

"No, I'm only working for someone." Qi Su frowned. "General Li, could you tell me what are your objectives for coming here?"

"Hmph!" General Li snorted. Even though Qi Su came out, he did not spare him any face in the slightest. "This spirit-gathering medicinal liquid's formulation comes from the Imperial Palace and was stolen a while back. Now that your spirit-gathering medicine store is selling the medicinal liquid, it proves that you entered the palace and committed theft! Men, arrest them all and close down this medicine store."

Qi Su knit his brows. He finally understood General Li's purpose in coming. Originally, he assumed that it would take some time before they would attempt to seize the formulation but unexpectedly, they came during their first day of business. It seemed like someone must've heard the news of spirit-gathering medicinal liquid and had designs on it.

"According to General Li, this medicinal liquid formulation comes from the palace and even the puppet's manufacture method is also from the palace?" Qi Su quirked his brow and a cold glint streaked across his eyes.

"Of course!" General Li raised his head with arrogance. He was acting upon concubine Qin's orders and she would be the future Empress Dowager. When she took a fancy to something, who would dare to resist?

"What? This spirit-gathering medicinal liquid was stolen from the palace, along with the puppet manufacturing method?"

"These people are really courageous to actually dare to steal from the Imperial Palace. Right now, the officers have even come to find the ones responsible." The crowd had instantly started a discussion after hearing their conversation, while they cast a despising look at the medicine hall.

Qi Su's expression sank. "Since General Li feels that our medicine store stole the formulation, then someone in the palace must know the method of producing this medicinal liquid. Why don't we invite that person to demonstrate how to concoct the medicinal liquid. If they're able to successfully do so, I'll immediately enter the palace and acknowledge my crimes!"

General Li was startled. Concubine Qin sent him not only to seal the medicine store but to also seize the formulation. Yet, Qi Su wanted them to demonstrate producing the medicinal liquid on-site?

Where was he to find that person?

Seeing General Li's unsightly expression, Qi Su sneered. "So it turns out, this is how the Imperial Family seizes other's belongings? And they even used such a dignified reason to frame our medicine store? General Li, you were originally an upright person, but after a year you've become so shameless!"

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