Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1852 - Not Giving Them A Single Copper (9)

Chapter 1852: Not Giving Them A Single Copper (9)

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Feifei lowered her head as she softly sobbed spasmodically and so Su Zheng did not notice the concealed malicious look in her eyes the moment she lowered her head.

Since Qi Su moved back, he had also brought the old blacksmith and his wife to the Qi Family. Now that the Qi Family had returned to Qi Su's hands, he also took control of all the treasures in the treasury. However, he was aware that there would be a day when Consort Qin would be aware of what had happened in the Qi Family! Therefore, he had to do his utmost in raising his strength.

At this moment, the medicine store Yun Luofeng established was open for business and this store was named the Spirit-Gathering Medicine Hall.

The news of the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid's appearance in Fengling Town had spread far and wide a few months ago. Now that everyone had heard the name, Spirit-Gathering Medicine Hall, many had connected the store with the medicinal liquid in Fengling Town. As such, even though the medicine hall was located in the extremely desolate West City, it had become a bustling area as numerous cultivators came for the medicinal liquid.

"Everyone, other than selling spirit-gathering medicinal liquid, our medicine store will also be selling another item!" Shopkeeper Zhao welcomed the incoming customers with smiles as he spoke politely.

Following his voice, those who were flocking to snatch the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid had turned their gaze towards him.

"Men, bring up the puppet!" Shopkeeper Zhao did not explain any further but instead directly issued an order.

The moment he spoke, two men carried a few cages and walked up. Upon witnessing the human figures in the cage, everyone turned pale from fright.

"Human? The spirit-gathering medicine hall also does human trafficking?"

"No, didn't you hear what shopkeeper Zhao said earlier on? These are all puppets."

"Puppets?! There's someone in this world able to make puppets? Is this real or am I dreaming?"

Everyone knew the meaning of puppets. However, they had only heard of it and never encountered one in real life. Now that they saw the cages brought over one by one, they were incapable of freeing themselves from the shock.

Shortly after that, shopkeeper Zhao continued speaking. His words were like a heavy hammer that pounded on their hearts.

"These puppets possesses god-level cultivation! Can you imagine what this means?" Shopkeeper Zhao did not say anything else. But with just the last sentence, it caused everyone to be struck dumb.

Not only was this a puppet, but also a god-leveled puppet? If they could purchase it, it would mean that their family would possess a god-level expert!

Oh god! This is simply unimaginable!

Of course, although everyone was shocked, they were clear that a god-level puppet wasn't the same as spirit-gathering medicinal liquid. It was something that money couldn't even purchase.

"As this puppet is unique, with its materials hard to obtain and it being even harder to produce, we will only sell three puppets every month. Furthermore…" shopkeeper Zhao paused for a moment, "according to my family head's request, we do not accept monetary exchange for the puppet. You'll have to exchange items of high value for it. If one isn't enough, you can gather several items to match the selling price." Hearing his words, a wave of commotion spread throughout the crowd.

"Shopkeeper Zhao, what kind of items can we use to exchange for the puppet?"

Shopkeeper Zhao had questioned Qi Su about this before and Qi Su had asked Yun Luofeng. After hearing the question, shopkeeper Zhao immediately replied, "Meteorite heart!"

The meteorite heart was different from normal meteorites. It's where all the essence of a meteorite was contained and was extremely precious and hard to find. However, a god-level puppet was completely worth this price!

"Shopkeeper Zhao, is the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid you're selling the rumored medicinal liquid previously in Fengling Town?"

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