Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1851 - Not Giving Them A Single Copper (8)

Chapter 1851: Not Giving Them A Single Copper (8)

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Furthermore… she missed Qi Su.

Seeing Mu Xuexin without any reaction, Liu Yu immediately clenched her teeth. “Princess, in my opinion, I can see that her relationship with Qi Su is quite special.

Special? Obviously it’s special! She was Qi Ling’s Master and even helped Qi Ling cultivate. Would their relationship be ordinary?

Mu Xuexin frowned and her expression sank. “What are you trying to say?”

“Princess, you have a marriage agreement with the Qi Family’s second young master, but now he has another woman with him. How could you possibly tolerate his actions? I feel that Qi Su likes that woman very much.

Mu Xuexin’s expression became even more unsightly. Of course, it was directed against Liu Yue and not Yun Luofeng.

“Eldest young miss Liu, aren’t you meddling too much? I think it doesn’t concern you who is with Qi Su. Or it’s because you’re in love with him?” Mu Xuexin revealed a mocking smile as she coldly glanced at Liu Yue.

Liu Yue lowered her eyes. “Princess, I’m concerned for you and have no selfish motives. After all, I feel that… only you are suited to stand beside Qi Su.”

So what if Qi Su had been chased out the Qi Family? He was handsome and talented, and just with these, he could totally attract a woman’s attention. She had also fallen for Qi Su back in the day and that hadn’t changed.

Previously, Qi Su had the Princess by his side and other than admiring him, she did not have other feelings. No matter how much she liked him, she could only stand and watch from afar. However… it was fine if it was the Princess, but who did that woman think she was? What rights did she have to occupy the position beside Qi Su?

Since the Jiao Family brother and sister suffered a defeat in her hands, she did not dare to act blindly without thinking. Thinking it through, she intended to inform the Fourth Princess of this and use her hand to get rid of Yun Luofeng.

Unexpectedly, the Princess was unconcerned about it. Could it be that she was no longer fond of Qi Su?

No matter how Liu Yue guessed, she did not dare to question Mu Xuexin and could only unwillingly watch her leave, while her elegant face was filled with anger.

Qi Family.

In the remote west courtyard, Qi Zheng was thrown on the bed and only opened his eyes after that man left. His eyes were filled with vengeance and killing intent.

“Qi Su, there will come a day when I’ll make those who helped you have a living death!”

If an uninformed person saw his expression, they would assume that there was an irreconcilable enmity between them and certainly wouldn’t think that Qi Su was his son.

“My lord.” Jian Feifei sat on the bed with her head of messy hair making her resemble a madwoman. Her face was filled with blood-red claw marks and her eyes were thoroughly red. Her weak and delicate body was lightly trembling, seemingly extremely pitiful.

The precondition was to not look at her face.

Jian Feifei originally had a gorgeous appearance and was naturally able to arouse a man’s heart. Now that she resembled a madwoman and was disfigured, how could she possibly arouse a man’s desire?

“Feifei,” There was no longer heartache in Su Zheng’s eyes, only traces of guilt. “I implicated you and rest assured, when an opportunity arises in the future, I will tie them up and let you vent your anger!”

Jian Feifei shook her head. “I don’t wish for revenge nor to vent my anger. I only want you to be well and this is more important than anything.”

Her words caused Qi Zheng even more guilt. He honestly didn’t know how those people could bear to harm a kindhearted woman like Jian Feifei.

“Feifei, once Consort Qin gets news of our situation she’ll definitely avenge us! However, she’s probably busy dealing with Mu Xuexin and we will have to wait.” Su Zheng comforted Jian Feifei and said, “At that time, they’ll definitely pay the price! I know you’re kindhearted and normally couldn’t bear to take revenge, but towards them, there’s no need to show mercy!”

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