Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1849 - Not Giving Them A Single Copper (6)

Chapter 1849: Not Giving Them A Single Copper (6)

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Frankly speaking, Qi Su was afraid of Consort Qin from the start and so, reached an agreement with the Second Prince. However, right now… even if Consort Qin sent punitive forces against them, he had to teach this woman Jian Feifei a lesson!

"Consort Qin? So what? The Qi Family is at fault, so why is it wrong to vent anger on behalf of my mother? Furthermore, I was only lecturing a concubine, so don't tell me Consort Qin wants to interfere in this insignificant affair?" Qi Su coldly smiled.

Qi Mo restrained his anger, seemingly recalling something as he spoke in contempt, "Qi Su, you probably didn't know this, but Consort Qin has decided to have the Forth Princess become my concubine! Aren't the both of you in love each other? At that time, I'll let you witness how your beloved woman gets tortured to death beneath me!

"What did you say?" Qi Su's voice became colder, and it wasn't hard to detect the fury contained within.

"I said, your previous fiance will become my concubine. A woman that's only fit to be my concubine but was the woman you loved, don't you find it embarrassing?" Qi Mo clenched his teeth and said.


Suddenly, a foot fiercely kicked Qi Mo in the face, causing him to rapidly retreat a few steps. His nose and lips were bruised, with blood continuously flowing out.

"I dare you to touch her in the slightest!" A wicked aura gushed forth from Qi Su and that aura thoroughly frightened Qi Mo as his face became deathly pale.

However, he wasn't willing to lose and said in an unyielding manner, "It doesn't matter even if you disapprove. Consort Qin has already decided and no one can stop her. If you are capable, go fight it out with her and I'll like to see how you end up dead!"


Qi Su's foot directly struck Qi Mo's face. With this kick, Qi Mo nearly met his end.

Who told him to have such a foul mouth? He knew that Qi Su loved Mu Xuexin and was even more aware that he wasn't his opponent, yet he wanted to provoke him.

Wasn't this simply asking for a beating?

Yun Luofeng smirked and crossed her hands as she lazily leaned on the door, while her wicked eyes surveyed the chaotic hall.

None of the bodyguards in the entire Qi Family dared to retaliate. It wasn't because they disregarded Qi Zheng but instead, they had been frightened by Yun Yi's strength and Qi Su's wicked aura.

Seeing that he was more or less done with his beating, Yun Luofeng slowly spoke. "Qi Su, was the Qi Family's courtyard purchased by your Master?"

Previously, the Qi Family wasn't located in the Royal City and they only moved over after becoming strong. Therefore, she had asked this.

Qi Su nodded. "Everything the Qi Family owns belongs to my Master." It was also because of this that after knowing Lin Qing had been starved, he had been so infuriated. Furthermore, Qi Su's aunt fell sick and upon knowing Lin Qing secretly sent money to her, Qi Zheng beat her up.

With all these incidents adding up, it caused Qi Su to have the impulse of destroying this Qi Family.

Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes. "Since that is the case, then we will stay here. After all, everything belongs to your Master. Oh right, I took a look earlier on and noticed that the Qi Family's treasury has numerous treasures and a huge quantity of gold and silver. Sweep their treasury room clean and don't leave a single copper for them!"

Qi Su returned to Yun Luofeng's side. "What about them? Should we chase them out?"

Qi Su intended from the start to kill his way into the Qi Family only after he had grown powerful enough to oppose the Imperial Family. However, due to Lin Qing, he had no choice but to return earlier.

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