Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1848 - Not Giving Them A Single Copper (5)

Chapter 1848: Not Giving Them A Single Copper (5)

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Qi Mo trembled from rage. If looks could kill, perhaps Qi Su would've been dead over ten thousand times.

"Mo'er, stop talking," Jian Feifei's face was filled with tears as she slowly stood up from the ground. Her beautiful eyes were filled with sorrow as if Qi Su was some evil person. "Su'er, in any case, I'm still your second mother. I know you hate your father but he's innocent. Which man on this continent doesn't have three wives or four concubines? If it weren't for your mother's objection, your father… wouldn't have been in such pain."

Her speech made it seem as if Qi Zheng was guilt-free for having an affair outside while Lin Qing was extremely wicked.

"Furthermore, as the eldest son of the Qi Family, Mo'er should inherit all the property. You even brought outsiders here to assault your father, isn't it to scheme and seize the family assets?"

"Second mother?" Qi Su sneered, "I don't even acknowledge Qi Zheng, so how can you be considered as my second mother? Furthermore, you're a concubine and you dare to call yourself my mother? Even if you don't feel ashamed, I find you embarrassing!"

Once he recalled how they mistreated Lin Qing, forcing her to kneel down and apologize when she wasn't at fault, he felt extremely angry.

"Normally I wouldn't hit a woman, but if they're a slut, it's a completely different matter!"

"You…" Jian Feifei's complexion paled, as she was about to continue speaking.

Qi Su found her words nauseating and so, did not allow her to continue. Rushing to her front, he stomped on Jian Feifei's chest with a bang.

"Brother, help me grab her and I'll give her a beating!" Qi Ling had long wanted to take action and upon seeing Qi Su rushing over, she immediately spoke up. Her voice was very quiet without any imposing manner. However, Qi Su as her brother listened to her and grabbed Jian Feifei's hair, held her hands behind her back, and prevented her from moving.

"Bad woman, how dare you bully my mother!"

Qi Ling swiftly ran to the front of Jian Feifei and slashed her sharp fingernails across her face, instantly causing bright red marks to surface.

"Slut, you actually dare to injure my mother?!" Qi Le was infuriated and wanted to go and teach Qi Ling a lesson. Before she managed to take a step, Huohuo who stood on one side immediately sent her flying.

Qi Mo was frightened by Huohuo and became stiff all of a sudden while rejoicing that he wasn't the first one who stepped out…


Jian Feifei released a heart-wrenching scream as her eyes reddened and tears continuously flowed down. Her voice was one of suffering and Qi Zheng's eyes twitched as he laid on the ground and ultimately, did not open his eyes.

In reality, he did not lose consciousness earlier. He was afraid he would receive even more severe torture if he woke up and so, he feigned unconsciousness.

It was human nature to be selfish! Even though he doted on Jian Feifei, the person he cared about the most was still himself. Even if Jian Feifei was suffering torment, he did not get up to help. In any case, after they freed themselves from this situation, it would be fine as long as he compensated her.

Women were different from men during a fight. If Qi Su attacked her, he would probably at most give her a few slaps and kicks. It was different when it came to Qi Ling. Her sharp petite fingernails had scratched her entire face, while huge chunks of her hair were pulled out, even making her scalp bleed. It was so painful that Jian Feifei couldn't restrain herself and bawled.

"Qi Su, Qi Ling, that's enough!" Qi Mo loudly shouted.

With Huohuo standing on one side and glaring like a tiger watching her prey, he did not dare to take action.

"Qi Su, Consort Qin is my aunt and the little prince is the future Emperor. Aren't you afraid of Consort Qin's revenge?" Qi Mo eyes radiated flames of fury. "You should know that the Imperial Family has two reverent-god and more than ten heavenly-god experts!"

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