Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1847 - Not Giving Them A Single Copper (4)

Chapter 1847: Not Giving Them A Single Copper (4)

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Every attack of his aimed towards a fatal point and if it was an ordinary person, they would be seriously crippled if not dead. However, Yun Yi was a puppet. As a puppet without any life, there wouldn’t exist any fatal point.


Qi Zheng’s fist landed on Yun Yi’s chest and his palm suddenly exerted force, with a trace of spiritual energy entering his chest.

He then revealed a complacent smile while thinking, Is this bastard a fool? To not even protect his heart? Once his heart is attacked, he’ll definitely die without a doubt!

Yet, his smile stiffened soon after that. The reason was that Yun Yi had already grabbed his arm. With a sudden movement, a powerful energy struck against Qi Zheng’s chest, causing him to fly out in a split second.

“How is this possible?”

He had clearly struck Yun Yi’s chest so how could he possibly be completely unwounded?

Without time to think, Yun Yi had once again arrived before him… He grabbed Qi Zheng and lifted him high up before fiercely smashing him down. A loud bang sounded and a hole appeared on the ground!

Yun Yi’s action was too fast, not even giving Qi Zheng an opportunity to react. He only suddenly recovered his senses after an acute pain could be felt throughout his body.

I… was defeated? Impossible! I’ve defeated numerous deity-leveled experts so how could I possibly be defeated?”

Of course, Yun Yi did not spare him just because he was defeated. Although he was a puppet, he had absolute loyalty to Yun Luofeng’s orders. Since his Master ordered him to beat him, then he would never let Qi Zheng off easy!

Therefore… Qi Zheng who was in great pain saw Yun Yi leaping high up above. Before he managed to recover, Yun Yi landed on the ground and coincidentally stepped on his chest with a bang.

As a result… Puchi! Qi Zheng spat out blood and lost consciousness.

Among deity-leveled cultivators, Qi Zheng’s strength was indeed very powerful. Unfortunately, the person he encountered was Yun Yi who was a puppet. Due to negligence, he had been injured by him!

Comparing two people of the same realm, with one possessing a sense of pain and wasn’t capable of fighting when injured, to the extent of even possibly losing his life while another was indestructible, without any sense of pain nor would he be injured. How could they possibly compare?

This was completely incomparable.

Qi Le and Qi Mo widened their mouth in shock as their body shivered.

Father has been defeated? How… is this possible!

Compared to the pair of siblings, Jian Feifei screamed and rushed towards Qi Zheng while crying bitterly. “My lord, please be alright, nothing should ever happen to you!”

What would I become if something happened to you? Who would become my backing? How would I possibly be able to ride roughshod over people?

Unfortunately, Jian Feifei did not speak out the last three sentences. The reason was that she wasn’t sure if Qi Zheng was acting unconsciousness or had indeed fainted…

Yun Luofeng turned towards Qi Su. “Didn’t you want to vent your anger on behalf of your mother?”

At this moment, Qi Su finally recovered his senses and he looked towards Jian Feifei and the others with a gaze as sharp as knives.

“Do you think my mother should apologize to you?” A chilly aura shrouded Qi Su’s face as he spoke. “Furthermore, in this huge Qi Family, you could actually cause my mother to starve until she was malnourished?”

Qi Mo’s expression changed as he furiously glanced at Qi Su. “Qi Su, you coordinated with an outsider, injured our father and also schemed to obtain the family assets. You ought to be put to death!”

“Scheme to obtain the family assets?” Qi Su laughed wildly, “The Qi Family originally belonged to me!” It’s you shameless people who snatched the assets my Master left behind for me. You even dare to say I schemed to obtain the Qi Family’s assets? I’m only taking back what was mine in the first place!”

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