Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1846 - Not Giving Them A Single Copper (3)

Chapter 1846: Not Giving Them A Single Copper (3)

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"Qi Su," Seeing Qi Su's unsightly expression, Jian Feifei hastily stood up while speaking in a grieving and lamenting manner. "You're mistaken about your father. This wasn't his fault but mine. I was willing to stay home alone and I was also willing to let go of Mo'er, only to help your mother accomplish her dreams of giving birth to a son! If you have to blame someone, just blame me. Your father is innocent."

Not only did she help Qi Zheng absolve his fault, but she had also even proved that she was innocent. Instead, it caused others to feel that Lin Qing was too ruthless, to have snatched other's son and even caused her to guard a room alone.

"Feifei, these aren't your fault, but Lin Qing's! You don't have to take on this responsibility." Qi Zheng's originally unsightly expression had vanished after hearing Jian Feifei's self-reproaching words as he was emotionally moved while glancing at her.

What had he done in his life to have such a woman who was considerate of him in all aspects?

Comparatively speaking, Lin Qing was lacking too much!

"Qi Su!" Seeing that Qi Su wanted to say something, Yun Luofeng eyes darkened as she revealed a sinister smile. "Do you think it's interesting arguing with these shameless people?"

Qi Su stared blankly and turned towards Yun Luofeng in confusion.

Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes. "Let me teach you a truth. If you can't win by acting pitiful, then you should become fiercer! What are you waiting for? Beat them up now and I'll take responsibility if they die!"

Her voice was arrogant and unbridled, extremely domineering as she clearly did not regard the Qi Family of any importance. Yun Luofeng initially did not intend to reveal herself at such an early stage. However, the affairs of life are variable and if she didn't teach them a lesson, it would be hard for her to swallow this anger.

"Slut, don't be excessive! This is the Qi Family and killing you is as simple as killing an ant!"

Qi Le furiously stamped her foot and at this moment, a red light surfaced from behind Yun Luofeng and soon after a little girl in red appeared out of thin air.

"Pa!" The little girl raised her hand and fiercely slapped Qi Le. In that instant, a bright red handprint appeared on her face.

"You better be more polite. You're seeking death for daring to scold my Master!"

Just as she finished speaking, flames erupted from Huohuo's body as her full head of red hair stood erect.

Qi Zheng had been staring at Qi Su and so, did not notice how this little girl appeared. When he wanted to stop her after she appeared, it was too late.

"Qi Su, it seems like you're tired of living. If so, I'll satisfy your wish!"


Qi Zheng furiously stood up and of course, his target was Huohuo who had slapped Qi Le. However, before he even managed to arrive in front of Huohuo, he had been obstructed by a robust man.

The man was expressionless and had a mediocre appearance, yet was very fierce looking. His sturdy arms suddenly stretched out and struck towards Qi Zheng who was attacking him.


Qi Zheng hastily blocked his attack but had retreated after receiving the robust man's blow. There was a bloody taste in his throat and his complexion was similar in color to a pig's liver. 1


What? This man is a deity-leveled cultivator? What is his background and when did he appear?

Just as everyone was still puzzled after much thought, Yun Luofeng's wicked voice slowly sounded. "Yun Yi, as long as he isn't dead, beat him as you wish!" Her words meant that it was fine even if he became crippled.

Even though Yun Luofeng did not intend to kill Qi Zheng at this moment, just based on his previous wrongdoings, he had to be in despair before he could die!

"Hmph, you think you can defeat me by landing a sneak attack? What an extremely funny joke! I've defeated deity-leveled cultivators before and you're not my opponent!" Qi Zheng sneered and launched an attack towards Yun Yi.

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