Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1843 - Qi Ling Isn’t A Trash (6)

Chapter 1843: Qi Ling Isn't A Trash (6)

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After saying this, Qi Zheng brought Jian Feifei and her daughter into the hall and seated them high up above while waiting for the sinner to appear.

Shortly after that, a woman with a deathly pale complexion was dragged in by Qi Mo. With her pale complexion, it was evident that she was seriously ill and she even staggered while walking, seemingly about to fall down at any time.

Qi Zheng did not feel a single ounce of sympathy to her condition and even believed that she was reaping what she had sown.

"Lin Qing, kneel down before Feifei!" Qi Zheng loudly shouted.

Lin Qing's body trembled and tightly bit her lips. "Why do I have to kneel for a concubine?"

( B oxnovel.c om )    "Based on the fact that you stole Feifei's son and snatched the love and pampering that belonged to her!" His way of speaking was as if Lin Qing had wanted to snatch away Qi Mo. Obviously, he was the one who strangled Lin Qing's son and had Qi Mo replace him, yet in the end, it had become Lin Qing's fault.

Her body had trembled even harder. She finally understood the reason why Qi Mo did not reciprocate in the slightest regardless of how well she treated him.

So it turns out… Qi Mo wasn't her son! The child she took care of for numerous years was instead, someone else's! She who was completely kept in the dark had to be forced to apologize right now?

"Qi Zheng, I've completely given up on you! One year ago, I believed that it was a good choice for them to leave the Qi Family when you chased Su'er and Ling'er out. Even if they had to suffer hardships outside, it was much better than suffering from humiliation here and so, I did not stop you and neither did I speak up for them." Lin Qing face was filled with bitterness, "However, I never would have expected that you thought of selling Qi Ling!"

She still remembered the scene and appearance of Qi Ling when she had hugged her legs and cried when she was chased out. However, she had wanted them to leave the Qi Family behind as far as possible at that time. Therefore, she did not help her daughter, to the extent of not even saying a single word for her.

At that time, her daughter was very heartbroken and she would never forget her expression that was filled with disappointment. If she were to know Qi Zheng's true motive, she would've gone all out at the risk of her life to protect her own children!

"Yesterday, you told me you had a woman outside and she had even given birth to a daughter. I also consented for you to bring her back." Lin Qing's expression was of sorrow. "However, you're actually inhumane to this extent! I've taken care of her son for numerous years yet you're forcing me to apologize?"

"Imprudent!" Qi Zheng slammed the table and furiously shouted. "You've enjoyed the domestic bliss that belonged to someone else and shouldn't you apologize?"

"Fine, since you said Qi Mo isn't my son and even brought this woman back, but Qi Family property was acquired by Yun Yueqing. Shouldn't you return all those back?"

( B oxnovel.c om )    Qi Zheng narrowed his eyes and a cold glint streaked across. "Yun Yueqing is dead and I'm the Qi Family's head, so all these things belong to me! I haven't settled debts with you, yet you dare to mention the Qi Family's property? Be frank with me, did Yun Yueqing give the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid formulation to Qi Su? He even sold the formulation to Tianqi Kingdom's Second Prince! He sold something that should've belonged to Mo'er and not only do you have to apologize, you have to repay this debt!"

Lin Qing stiffened. At this moment, she felt that she must've been blind. How did she get deceived by a man like this in the past?

"What if I refuse?"

"Then don't blame me for being ruthless! Men, prepare tea for the first madam!"

There was already a subordinate who prepared the tea by one side and hearing his orders, he immediately walked to Lin Qing's side.

"First madam, please."

"You…" Lin Qing trembled from anger as her body was near the brink of collapsing.

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