Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1842 - Qi Ling Isn’t A Trash (5)

Chapter 1842: Qi Ling Isn't A Trash (5)

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Because of that, the prejudice towards a son from the first wife or concubine was not very prominent in the Fengyun Continent. A concubine's child would also not be looked down upon, as they only despised failures and weaklings!

With someone as selfish as Qi Mo, he would never allow his mother to become the second madam.

"Father, that woman claimed that she's feeling unwell so she won't be coming." Qi Mo coldly replied.

"What?" Hearing his words, Qi Zheng was instantly enraged. "She actually dared to be absent during this sort of occasion? To the extent of disobeying my orders?"

Jian Feifei snuggled up to Su Zheng's embrace, without regard for others. "My lord, forget it. After all, she's your wife and I'm only a concubine. It's better not to force her to pour tea for me. If others were to know, they will even think that you're pampering your concubine and ignoring your wife. I don't wish for you to be misunderstood as such.

Jian Feifei's appearance seemed as if she had suffered from a huge grievance.

Su Zheng's heart ached. However, this was Empire City, not Fenglin Town. If this were to be transmitted to those ministers ears, it would definitely affect Consort Qin.

Although the little prince was the Emperor's only son, the Emperor still had a nephew, doesn't he? Even the matter of him selling Qi Ling was not aware by anyone from Empire City.

"Father," the young girl beside Qi Zheng immediately pouted and furiously said, "I do not think it's wrong to have that woman Lin Qing pay her respects. She should reflect on committing so many acts that let my mother down."

"Le'er, stop talking!" Jian Feifei's complexion paled as she hastily berated Qi Le.

"No, I have to speak!" Qi Le still had a furious expression. "First, she snatched away mother's rights to accompany alongside Father. She even snatched the blood relation between my big brother and Mother! All these years, Mother had to keep watch by an empty room because of her, with an endless amount of tears! I tried to persuade Mother numerous times to seek for Father but she stubbornly refused to, claiming that Lin Qing was a jealous woman and wouldn't allow her existence. She would rather suffer these grievances than cause trouble for Father!"

"Mother has been so sensible but what about her? If she truly cared about Father, she would accept the woman you love!" Qi Le clenched her teeth, acting as if Lin Qing was the mistress. "Furthermore, she landed my mother in this miserable state, shouldn't she pay her respects and apologize?"

"Le'er!" Jian Feifei hastily stopped her again.

Of course, if she really intended to stop her, she would cover Qi Le's mouth when she spoke. However, she was evidently waiting for Qi Le to finish speaking before insincerely berating her.

"Qi Mo!" Qi Zheng had been thoroughly enraged by her words. However, his rage was not towards Qi Le but instead, Lin Qing.

"Drag that woman here to pay her respects and apologize! Even if she dies from her illness, haul her here as long as she's still alive!"

If someone unaware of the situation witnessed this scene, they would even assume Lin Qing had committed an unforgivable act towards them, to the extent that she had to apologize even when she was seriously ill!

"Alright, I'll find her right now."

With Su Zheng's words, a sinister smile quirked up on Qi Mo's face. He then made a victory hand signal to his sister and soon after, walked towards the back courtyard direction.

"Feifei, we shall wait for her in the hall," Qi Zheng held Jian Feifei's hand. Looking at her appearance that was still devastatingly gorgeous, he was more fond of her the more he looked. "All these years, you've suffered many grievances. You've raised Le'er up with much toil yet I wasn't able to meet with you even once. Right now, I'll have the main culprit of this apologize to you and it's up to you to decide to forgive her or not.

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