Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1841 - Qi Ling Isn’t A Trash (4)

Chapter 1841: Qi Ling Isn't A Trash (4)

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Qi Family.

Within the huge courtyard, a beautiful lady walked in together with a young lady who was around Qi Su's age.

A group of servant maids followed behind her and her posture was similar to an empress on an inspection tour as she overlooked at each of the flowers and trees in the garden.

"Who transplanted these plants here?"

"Reporting to Second Madam, these were personally planted by the first madam."

The address of 'second madam' caused the beautiful lady to be displeased and she frowned. "Hurry and cut down these plants here. They're simply an eyesore."

"However, these are the first madam's favorites…" The housekeeper seemed somewhat reserved as he answered.

At this moment, Qi Zheng and Qi Mo had arrived and after hearing the housekeeper, Qi Mo was instantly enraged. "Didn't you hear the second madam's orders? Hurry and cut down these plants that are an eyesore!"

The housekeeper was somewhat dumbstruck. Wasn't young master Qi Mo the first madam's son? Why did he speak up for the concubine? Furthermore… not only did the family head have a woman outside, but there was also an illegitimate daughter that he concealed for numerous years! Thinking of this, the housekeeper was outraged by this injustice for Lin Qing.

He had once received help from Lin Qing and naturally, he would stand on her side. However, in this current situation, he was completely unable to utter a single word.

"My lord." The beautiful lady appeared aggrieved as tears flowed down almost instantly. She weakly and delicately leaned on Qi Zheng and cried pitifully.

"I know I'm only a woman you kept outside for many years and these people would definitely side towards Sister. I don't wish to vie for anything and even gave her the son I gave birth to. Why is she treating me like this? What exactly have I done wrong?"

Even gave her the son she gave birth to?

The beautiful lady's words caused others to be shocked, not understanding what her words meant.

Since Qi Zheng had agreed to bring his outside family in, he did not intend to conceal Qi Mo's identity. He dryly coughed and said. "Announce this to everyone. The second madam's position in the estate will only be inferior to mine. Furthermore, she is also Mo'er's birth mother."

Similar to lightning striking down, everyone was dumbstruck. Qi Mo was the second madam's son? Then what about the first madam?

"That year, the first madam's baby was stillborn and to comfort her, I had no alternative but to have Feifei separate from her son. For all these years I owe them so much and now I intend to compensate her by bringing her into the estate.

What? Everyone was even more dumbstruck.

That year, the first and second madam gave birth at the same time but the first madam's child was stillborn, so he used the second madam's child as a replacement?

Qi Zheng would never tell others that he personally strangled his own son. Even if he had a reason for his actions, he would definitely be criticized by the public.

"Mo'er," Qi Zheng frowned. "Where's that woman? Didn't I have you release her and let her pay her respects to your mother? Why isn't she here yet?"

Having the first madam pay her respects to the second madam was something only Qi Zheng would do. Everyone wanted their pride and even though many pampered their concubine, they wouldn't do something so excessive! Qi Zheng felt that he owed Jian Feifei too much and so intended to let her have a proud moment in the estate.

There was a rule in the Liufeng Kingdom stating that men can only remarry after their wife passes away. If the wife hadn't died, the concubine wouldn't be able to occupy the top seat. This was also the reason why Jian Feifei was only a second madam. However, with Su Zheng's protection, Jian Feifei's position in the estate was far above Lin Qing's.

In this case, Qi Mo couldn't become the son of the first wife. Even so, what did that affect? No one had set a rule that the family property must be given to the son of the first wife. As long as the family head wanted to, he could give it to whoever he likes.

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