Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1840 - Qi Ling Isn’t A Trash (3)

Chapter 1840: Qi Ling Isn't A Trash (3)

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Jiao Ke and her brother’s expressions were very unsightly.

The young man who attacked was their cousin and although his talents weren’t considered the best, he wasn’t the worst either! It was unexpected that he would actually be suppressed by Qi Ling.

Qi Ling was only five years old! Furthermore, she was still a trash a year ago!

That’s right, that was a year ago! At that time, Qi Ling was indeed a trash, but what everyone didn’t expect was that she could cultivate now after not seeing her for a year.

In an instant, everyone looked at Yun Luofeng. If Qi Ling was able to cultivate, then was what Qi Su said the truth, that this woman was Qi Ling’s Master?

Jiao Chao’s thoughts did not stop here. He knew that Yun Yueqing’s disappearance was because she went searching for medicine for Qi Ling. Now that she could cultivate, didn’t it mean that Yun Yueqing had returned?

Furthermore… why did that woman seem so familiar-looking? There was also some degree of resemblance between her and Yun Yueqing!

This thought caused Jiao Chao to be stunned and his expression became increasingly unsightly.

“Get lost!”

Evidently, Jiao Ke was not as perceptive. She quickly walked over and her slender leg was just about to fiercely kick towards Qi Ling. At that moment, an arm stretched out from the side, firmly gripping her leg.

Jiao Ke was shocked. She hadn’t seen Yun Luofeng standing beside Qi Su a moment ago, so how did she unknowingly appear by her side? Furthermore, Yun Luofeng didn’t even give her a chance to react?

“It seems like you don’t want this leg of yours, so…” Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes.

After that… a clear and crisp sound suddenly echoed and what was heard soon after was Jiao Ke’s heart-wrenching and miserable scream.

“Ahhhhh! My leg, my leg!!!”


With a push, Jiao Ke fell on the ground with a deathly pale complexion and tightly grabbed her leg that Yun Luofeng had broken.

This… was too shocking! To the extent, no one was able to react!

Qi Su had been shocked by Qi Ling’s abilities earlier on and so, Yun Luofeng was ahead of him and taught Jiao Ke a lesson. However, he felt that crippling one leg was letting her off too easy! In the past, what she attempted to do was to find someone and defile Qi Ling!

At that time, Qi Ling was only a four-year-old child! However, there was ample time for revenge later and he would settle the debt s with her one by one in the future.


Qi Ling got off from the young man and steadily stood beside Yun Luofeng. Her long eyelashes fluttered similar to a doll, causing others to be fond of her.

“You aren’t hurt, are you?” Yun Luofeng questioned while being deeply concerned.

Qi Ling shook her head. “Since they bullied Master, they’re all bad guys!”

Yun Luofeng picked up Qi Ling. Although this girl was young, she was quite heavy after lifting her up. Qi Su clearly did not let her suffer after they were chased out from Qi Family back then.


Jiao Chao finally reacted and released a furious shout. “Qi Su, my father will never let you off for having dared to injure Ke’er. Just you wait!”

After speaking, he ordered his subordinates to carry Jiao Ke away. Just now, he had been shocked by Qi Ling and so, assumed that Yun Yueqing had returned. However, if Yun Yueqing had indeed returned, how could the Qi Family be unscathed? Therefore, in regards to Qi Ling being able to cultivate now, he figured that she had encountered a stroke of luck during this past year.

As for the resemblance between Yun Luofeng and Yun Yueqing… It wasn’t as if there weren’t people who resembled each other in this world and it must be a coincidence!

“Qi Su, let’s go in. Qi Ling must be hungry.” Yun Luofeng carried Qi Ling and entered the restaurant.

Qi Su’s appetite was not affected due to Jiao Chao and his sister’s appearance, but his handsome face was cold and grim as he quietly followed behind of Yun Luofeng.

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