Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1838 - Qi Ling Isn’t A Trash (1)

Chapter 1838: Qi Ling Isn't A Trash (1)

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She believed Qi Su. Therefore, were it not for Jiao Ke having done so, Qi Su wouldn't have claimed that it happened. However, she did not meddle in this affair as she believed Qi Su had the ability to resolve it.

"The Jiao Family's eldest young miss has a strong character to say she would rather marry a poor man to become his wife than become a rich man's concubine! I believe that she's not someone who would beg to become someone's concubine."

"I believe the Jiao Family eldest young miss. Qi Su of the Qi Family must have delusionally wanted to obtain the best of both worlds, and thus had been rejected by the lofty and unyielding eldest young miss. As a result, he's slandering her name."

A lively conversation occurred with everyone joining in and their expression towards Qi Su and his sister was filled with contempt.

Jiao Ke quirked her lips and a smile surfaced on her composed and beautiful face. Her gaze shot towards Yun Luofeng who was hugging Qi Ling in her embrace as a ruthless glint streaked across her eyes. Even if she no longer fancied Qi Su, it didn't mean other women could stand by his side.

She didn't dare to offend Mu Xuexin but it wasn't the case for other women.

"As Jiao Family's daughter, I'd naturally have a lofty and unyielding character. Not like someone who would offer themselves and become a concubine to a handsome man. Someone like that is simply disgracing the reputation of us, women."

Her gaze had been staring unwaveringly at Yun Luofeng and the person she referred to, was naturally her.

Yun Luofeng originally did not intend to meddle in this affair and gave full rights to Qi Su to resolve this issue. Unexpectedly, the opponent had shifted the topic to her. Instantly, she lifted her black eyes which contained a sharp glint and shot towards Jiao Ke.

Her glance caused Jiao Ke to feel needles piercing her back and cold sweat flowed down from fear. However, since Yun Luofeng would be willing to become a concubine of a down and out man, she wouldn't be from an influential background. Therefore, her complexion had recovered very soon.


Not waiting for Yun Luofeng to take action, Qi Su walked up swiftly and slapped Jiao Ke. He did not restrain his strength and with this slap, Jiao Ke had been sent flying.

Standing on Jiao Ke's original spot, Qi Su's tightly clenched fist produced cracking sounds as his delicate eyes were full of anger.

"Jiao Ke, I haven't taught you a lesson for your previous speech yet you dare to even humiliate Miss Yun? She's Qi Ling's Master, yet you dared to say that about her? Are you honestly treating me as someone easy to ride over?"

Qi Su had long wanted to beat Jiao Ke beforehand. Regardless of whether the incident with Yun Luofeng had happened or not, he would never let her off.

However, he originally intended to settle this in the dark yet Jiao Ke's framing had thoroughly infuriated Qi Su, making him unable to restrain his anger.

"Ke'er." Jiao Chao finally recovered his senses and hastily walked to Jiao Ke's side, lifting her up from her ground.

"Are you alright? How are you feeling?" Speaking of this, he turned towards Qi Su and looked at him in fury. "Qi Su, you're sure courageous to even dare to hit my sister!"

"Not only will I hit her, but I'll also kill her sooner or later!" The moment he mentioned the word 'kill', he did not restrain his killing intent in the slightest.

"You…" Jiao Chao's expression changed. "Qi Su, my little sister hadn't said anything wrong. You claimed that she wanted to become your concubine but that's impossible! You have the Princess as your fiancee and with my sister's lofty and unyielding personality, she would never do something like snatching someone else's man! Comparatively speaking, that woman by your side cannot even compare to a single strand of hair on my sister's head!"

Frankly speaking, even Jiao Chao wasn't aware of Jiao Ke going to Qi Su to confess to him. If he knew, he would definitely stop her.

It wasn't because he had an upright moral character, but instead, he was afraid Jiao Ke might implicate the Grand Tutor estate.


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