Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1837 - Old Blacksmith (6)

Chapter 1837: Old Blacksmith (6)

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Obviously, Jiao Ke did not say this to Mu Xuexin. She was once envious of Mu Xuexin being able to become Qi Su's fiancee yet she herself wasn't able to have his attention.

However, as Mu Xuexin was a princess, what could she do even if she was jealous? She did not have the courage to resent Mu Xuexin out of jealousy and so shifted her hatred to Qi Su.

Even though she was even perfectly willing to become his concubine, what she received was his cold rejection and lost all her dignity back then.

Luckily the heavens weren't blind, and with Qi Su's backing collapsing, he was expelled from the Qi Family. At that time, she had mocked and ridiculed the siblings, so much so that when no one was paying attention, she secretly gave Qi Ling a beating. If it weren't for Qi Su's timely arrival, she would've ruined Qi Ling's chastity.

Therefore, even though this incident was over a year ago, Qi Ling still felt fear internally, as her entire being shrunk in Yun Luofeng's embrace and shuddered incessantly.

Recalling their previous actions, killing intent radiated from his ice-cold eyes.

Yun Luofeng was aware of Qi Su's personality. He would never think of killing on a normal occasion unless the other party had committed a crime that would anger both heaven and man. Coupled with Qi Ling's fear, it wasn't hard to guess that they had done something towards her.

While consoling Qi Ling, her wicked eyes swept over the group and her faintly narrowed eyes revealed an eerie aura.  ( Box novel.c om )

"Jiao Ke," Qi Su tightly clenched his fist, "I merely rejected your request to be my concubine, but why are you harboring hard feelings towards me because of this? Furthermore, you took advantage of the opportunity to abduct my sister. If it weren't for my timely arrival, my sister would have perished in your hands, so how do you think we should settle this debt?"

Currently, there were many passersby gathered at the restaurant's doorway. After hearing Qi Su's words, they looked at Jiao Ke in astonishment, with disbelief and shock in their eyes.

Jiao Ke's beautiful face instantly turned pale, as she trembled from rage. "Qi Su, don't put words in my mouth! Who wants to be your concubine? For someone like you without any status, you don't even have the right to beg for my hand in marriage, yet you're thinking of having me as your concubine?"

This matter was simply a humiliation for her. Her brain must've been fried for her to commit such actions back then.

Of course, Qi Su wasn't only handsome, his strength was also out of the ordinary. In addition, with Yun Yueqing's protection, he was still the legitimate successor of the Qi Family back then. For such an outstanding man, it was impossible for her not to fancy him!

"Qi Su? This young man is Qi Family's Qi Su? The one that was chased out the family a year ago?"

"Tsk, I didn't expect that he would actually return. What's even more unexpected is that the Grand Tutor's daughter actually wanted to become Qi Su's concubine but flew into a rage out of humiliation after getting rejected."

No one disliked a bustling scene, but it caused Jiao Ke to turn pale from anger as her furious gaze swept across those crowd in a discussion.

"Those who dare to sprout nonsense, don't blame me for being impolite!"

Jiao Ke raised her head and looked down at Qi Su. "Qi Su, what right do you think you have to be worthy of me, and you even dare to smear my reputation? It's your half-hearted nature, not satisfied with having a wife like the Princess and you even delusionally wanted to take me in as your concubine! I hadn't agreed and you're making bogus accusations against me! Let me tell you, not to mention being a concubine, even being your wife is belittling of my status!"

"I, Jiao Ke, would rather marry a poor man to become his wife than become a rich man's concubine! Even if it was back then, I would also disdain it!"

( Box novel.c om )    This sentence of rather marry a poor man to become his wife than become a rich man's concubine was supposedly a noble and virtuous speech but in Jiao Ke's mouth, it caused Yun Luofeng to feel it was fake.

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