Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1836 - Old Blacksmith (5)

Chapter 1836: Old Blacksmith (5)

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However… what she didn't expect was, for Qi Ling to have such thoughts.

"Qi Ling," Yun Luofeng was taciturn for a moment, "Stay by your brother's side and I'll search for her instead."

After all, Qi Ling was too young and how could she possibly bring her to a place like the Forest of Heaven's Trial?


"No buts!" Yun Luofeng's expression darkened. "Since you've acknowledged me as your Master, you have to listen to me."

Qi Ling felt aggrieved but wouldn't disobey Yun Luofeng's orders and could only say, "Alright, I'll stay with big brother."

Hearing her words, Yun Luofeng's expression loosened and gently stroked Qi Ling's head.

"Rest assured, I'll definitely bring her back!"

With Yun Luofeng's declaration, Qi Ling immediately revealed a beaming smile and her hidden worries were also instantly thrown out.

"Ling'er believes in Master."

Since her Master had said so, then aunt Yun would definitely return…

"Oh right Master, when we're free in a moment, I'd like to visit sister Mu. I'm somewhat worried about her."

Qi Ling blinked her huge bright eyes and pitifully looked towards Yun Luofeng, for fear that she would reject her request.

Yun Luofeng stared blankly for a moment. Her eyes sank as she thought of the bed-ridden Emperor and then Consort Qin, who was related with the Qi Family.

Looking at her, Qi Ling assumed that Yun Luofeng didn't like the idea of her interacting with the Imperial Family and so, she hastily said, "Master, if you aren't fond of it, I won't go."

"I'm not forbidding you from meeting her, but…" Yun Luofeng paused, "let's find a suitable time and I'll make a trip there too."

More importantly, even if Qi Ling wanted to meet Mu Xuexin, no one would allow the meeting. Unless they could meet outside…

Evidently, now that Mu Xuexin was occupied with the Emperor's illness, she did not have spare time to have a stroll outside. Furthermore, since Qi Ling was unable to enter the palace, he would not be able to meet her.

The instance they stepped into Longfeng restaurant, they spotted Qi Su waiting for them.

Feeling delighted and just as he wanted to greet them, he heard a contemptuous voice at this instant.

"Oh, who did I just see? So it's actually Qi Family's brother and sister. A pair of defeated dogs actually dared to return?"

Qi Su's brows gradually furrowed. He coldly shot a sideways glance and recognized the few people who walked over.

With a pair of siblings leading the group, the brother had a handsome appearance yet seemed unkept. His lips quirked as he revealed a haughty smile. The sister by his side had a gorgeous and dignified aura, pleasant and adorable, but her beautiful eyes were filled with hatred the moment she saw Qi Su.

That sort of hatred was similar to that of someone being abandoned by their lover, with their love turning to hatred.

Spotting them coming, Qi Ling shuddered and unconsciously burrowed into Yun Luofeng's embrace while a trace of fear appeared on her petite face. Clearly back when Qi Ling was in Empire City, they had a huge influence on her.

"Jiao Chao, Jiao Ke, why are you here?"

The world was really small. Qi Su originally didn't intend for others to know the news of his return, but unexpectedly, they actually encountered the Jiao Family's siblings outside the restaurant.

"Qi Su," Jiao Ke glanced at Qi Su with loathing, before turning her sight towards Yun Luofeng, and a fierce look streaked across her eyes. "Previously when I confessed, didn't you claim that you would only marry Mu Xuexin? Then who is this woman? You've fallen for someone else so soon? It seems like you were merely saying things!"

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