Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1834 - Old Blacksmith (3)

Chapter 1834: Old Blacksmith (3)

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The old blacksmith was shocked and he looked at Qi Su. "Su'er, your lord… is a physician?"

"Not only is she a physician, she has very powerful abilities. Since she's willing to treat Aunt, let her have a look. Perhaps she'll be able to cure her." Qi Su gave an enigmatic smile.

He had confidence in Yun Luofeng. Someone who has the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid formulation, what else couldn't she accomplish?

"Alright!" The old blacksmith became excited. "To make it convenient to take care of your aunt, she's just right inside. Miss Yun, please follow me."

After the old blacksmith walked into the store, Yun Luofeng also followed in. Upon entering, she heard sounds of coughing and lightly frowned as she slowly walked into the hall.

There was a small bed placed within the hall and on the bed, a pale-faced woman was lying there. She had heard the conversation outside and so she was not surprised to see Qi Su and his sister.

"Su'er, Ling'er, it's great that you've returned…"

They did not have to worry about these two children anymore.

"Aunt, don't speak," Qi Su hastily ran to the bed and held onto her hand, with his eyes reddened. "Let Miss Yun check your body."

The woman nodded. "I'll have to trouble Miss Yun."

The old blacksmith did not have children and so, they had always treated Qi Su and Qi Ling as their own children. Her sickness was due to her worrying about Qi Su and his sister which resulted in prolonged anxiety. Furthermore, as she hadn't been able to obtain treatment, it worsened her condition. If Qi Su hadn't returned, she wouldn't have many days left.

"It's not a serious illness," Yun Luofeng glanced at her and obtained a conclusion. "Qi Su, I have a few stalks of medicinal herbs here. Boil them and it'll immediately cure her illness."

The old blacksmith widened his mouth in shock. "Miss Yun, how could I possibly have you provide the herbs? It's fine if you tell us the prescription and I'll purchase the herbs."

"First, the Qi Family is currently oppressing you while the entire Empire City's medicine halls are controlled by them. How could you possibly purchase any medicinal herbs?"Yun Luofeng glanced at the old blacksmith. "Secondly, you've given your store to me for free, so what if I give you a few medicinal herbs?"

The old blacksmith was instantly silenced. He knew that what Yun Luofeng spoke was the truth. The Qi Family wouldn't possibly sell any medicinal herbs to him. Even if they sold any, it would definitely be for an astronomical amount! Furthermore, he did not have much money left. Otherwise, he wouldn't be unable to even invite a physician.

"Furthermore," Yun Luofeng paused. "Your blacksmith skills seem to be pretty good and I was wondering, would you be willing to work for me?"

Since she wanted to use puppets to control this Fengyun Continent, then she would definitely require a huge amount. The required number couldn't be made just relying on herself. She couldn't possibly spend so much time on producing puppets.

Of course, puppets were different from the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid. She could have Qi Su produce the spirit liquid, but she had to control the production of the puppets. Therefore, she only intended for the old blacksmith to forge a few basic items. Lastly, it had to go through her hands to allow the puppet to work! This was also her motive of deciding to help the old blacksmith!

"Of course, I'll provide you a pretty good salary," Yun Luofeng smiled and slowly said.

Seeing that the old blacksmith was still startled, Qi Su became anxious as he hastily said, "Uncle, hurry and say yes to Miss Yun. In addition, you can't tell others that Miss Yun is my lord. Otherwise, it'll bring trouble for Miss Yun."

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