Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1833 - Old Blacksmith (2)

Chapter 1833: Old Blacksmith (2)

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A trace of a shock streaked across Yun Luofeng's eyes. This old man was actually Qi Su's uncle? Looking at his appearance, those who weren't aware would think that he was his grandfather.

However, Yun Luofeng noticed very soon that this old man wasn't old, probably around thirty to forty years old. There was some other reason that resulted in him looking aged.

"You've returned. Does Qi Zheng that bastard know?" After mentioning Qi Zheng, the old blacksmith's face revealed fury, as he was wishing he could cut him into pieces.

"Uncle, how have you been this year?" All sorts of feelings welled up in Qi Su's heart.

That year when an accident happened to the Lin Family, his mother had taken his uncle and his family into the Qi Family. The Qi Family had also treated them well due to Qi Su's Master. However, after his Master went missing, the Qi Family had chased out his uncle and his family.

His uncle's family were originally blacksmiths and helped others forge weapons. Normally he could have a good life by relying on his skills but alas, he had been suppressed by the Qi Family and had to live miserably.

"Pretty well." The old blacksmith smiled. His smile was very forced and one could see that he didn't want Qi Su to be worried.

"Uncle, has mother come here lately?" Qi Su sighed and asked.

The old blacksmith was startled. "You didn't know your mother had been locked up?"

His question caused Qi Su's expression to change instantly. "Qi Zheng that bastard locked up my mother?"

The old blacksmith coldly laughed. "Someone like that heartless bastard, what wouldn't he do? A few months ago, your aunt fell sick and your mother secretly brought some money, thinking of having your aunt visit a physician. However, Qi Zheng that bastard found out and brought a group of men to snatch the money back and even beat her up."

Speaking of this, the old blacksmith sighed.

"He said that this money belonged to the Qi Family and your mother, who has been freeloading, doesn't have the right to give to others. However, the huge business the Qi Family currently has was earned with the help of your Master!"

Qi Su tightly clenched his fist. Even though Qi Ling felt unhappy that Lin Qing hadn't spoken up for them previously, her petite face showed rage after hearing that her mother had been beaten up.

"Uncle, how is Aunt doing? Has she recovered?" Qi Su asked worriedly.

The old blacksmith's expression darkened. "It's still the same."

Furthermore, her condition had worsened. Perhaps she only had a few days left. Of course, he did not tell this to Qi Su. Right now, Qi Su wasn't doing well either, so how could he possibly involve him?

"Uncle, bring me to visit Aunt in a while. I'll talk to you about some serious business first," Qi Su's expression became serious. "I'll introduce to you, this lady is Yun Luofeng, and also… my lord and Xiao Ling's Master."

Before the old blacksmith, Qi Su did not conceal Yun Luofeng's identity. He had also willingly become Yun Luofeng subordinate!

The old blacksmith looked at Yun Luofeng in astonishment. His nephew had always been prideful yet now he was willingly working for someone else? This lady didn't seem simple.

"Miss Yun, my uncle is someone who can be trusted." Qi Su smiled and said.

Yun Luofeng did not comment anything as she trusted Qi Su.

"Uncle, we came to Empire City to open a medicine store. Would you be willing to sell us your store?" Qi Su asked in seriousness.

The old blacksmith smiled. "If you want the shop, I'll give it to you. In any case, there's no business here and having it is just a waste of time keeping it open."

Qi Su stared distractedly and unconsciously looked at Yun Luofeng.

Contrary to what he thought, Yun Luofeng nodded her head without being polite. "Since that is the case, I'll accept this store. As repayment, I'll help treat your aunt."

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