Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1831 - Arriving at Empire City (6)

Chapter 1831: Arriving at Empire City (6)

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Especially since this woman slapped him! He would certainly pay her back for this slap later!

Viciousness appeared in Qi Mo's eyes when he thought of that.

Mu Xuexin was astonished by Qi Mo's words. She completely did not expect Consort Qin to be gutsy enough to make her, a rightful princess, be a concubine!

"Qi Mo, I won't let you have your way!" Mu Xuexin gritted her teeth and glanced at Qi Mo with loathing in her eyes. "No matter what happens in the future, I am still currently a princess. You better be more respectful, I won't forgive you otherwise!"

After saying this, Mu Xuexin bypassed Qi Mo and did not forget to harshly slam against him with her shoulder as she walked past him.

"B*tch!" As Qi Mo watched Mu Xuexin's back figure, he darkly said, "I will let you run rampant for a little longer. After you become my concubine, you will beg!"

His words naturally drifted to Mu Xuexin's ears.

The moment she closed the door, her tears could not be held back anymore and flowed freely.

"Qi Su, although you once rejected me, my heart will only accept you." Mu Xuexin took out a jade pendant. It was her betrothal token with Qi Su from when Yun Yueqing was still here. "Back then, I already thought it over and decided to go to Fenglin Town to find you when Father Emperor recovers."

"If you love me, then I will follow you no matter how hard and exhausting it is. If you don't love me, then I will be your younger sister and never regret it."

"However, I can't wait for that day anymore…"

"Qi Su, do you know? Besides you, I was able to persist through these days because I have a Father Emperor that has always loved me. I wished to save him with everything I have."

Mu Xuexin cast down her eyes, her eyes laden with grief. "So, if Father Emperor truly can't be saved, then I would rather follow him than suffer Qi Mo's humiliation…"

A good woman did not marry two husbands.

She did not merely have a betrothal with Qi Su, but she also gave her heart to him. Hence, she absolutely would not permit herself to marry another man!

If she could not guard her innocence, then what purpose did she have for living?

Mu Xuexin limply collapsed on the ground. Her hand clutched her face and noiselessly sobbed.

Empire City

When Qi Su stepped onto the luxurious streets once more, all sorts of feelings welled up in his heart, and his eyes were full of memories.

"Qi Su, tell me what the Qi Family's strength is," Yun Luofeng asked as she looked at the man next to her.

Hearing this, Qi Su was startled briefly before seriously answering, "The strongest person in the Qi Family is my father, Qi Zheng. He had broken through to god level already and is merely a step away from heavenly-god level. Miss Yun, I know your strength must be extraordinary as well, but there is still a certain difference between two heavenly-god level cultivators."

Yun Luofeng was dumbfounded for a few seconds. She originally thought that with how powerful the Qi Family was, Qi Zheng would at least be a heavenly-god level cultivator. She did not expect him to also be god level.

It appeared that even if there were a lot of heavenly-god level cultivators in a place like Fengyun Continent, not everyone could achieve it…

"Miss Yun, don't doubt me. A god-level can sense the rules of heaven and earth, and those who can sense it more intensely will also be more powerful. Qi Zheng might have only reached god level for five years, but with my Master's previous help, he was unrivaled among all the god level cultivators."

Unrivaled among all the god level cultivators?

Yun Luofeng shrugged. Let's not mention the fact that she possessed the dragon-scale armor. Even if she could not summon the armor, she might not lose against Qi Zheng.

"What about the Imperial Family?" Yun Luofeng continued inquiring.


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