Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1829 - Arriving at Empire City (4)

Chapter 1829: Arriving at Empire City (4)

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Suddenly, someone outside the door announced "Consort Qin, Her Highness the Fourth Princess has returned."

"What?" Consort Qin was shocked. That girl actually didn't die?

Consort Qin realized she overreacted, and because there were some civil and martial ministers in the room as well, she quickly covered it up.

A smile turned up on her face. "It's good that girl is back. She must have retrieved the xuanxin grass. His Majesty will be saved."

Hearing this, the ministers became excited as well. A kingdom cannot lack a ruler forever. If His Majesty remained unconscious and did not wake up, then the Liufeng Kingdom would be annexed eventually!

"We pay respect to Your Highness the Princess." A row of greetings was heard outside the door.

Soon after, a fair hand pushed opened the door and a figure energetically entered the room.  ( Box novel.c om )

Consort Qin was the first to receive her. She donned a fake smile and said, "Your Highness the Princess, have you obtained the xuanxin grass? If you have, then hurry and take it out. Or are do you not want to save His Majesty?"

As soon as Mu Xuexin heard Consort Qin mention the xuanxin grass, fury rose in her eyes and she angrily glared at her. "You dare to ask me? You lied to me saying Lingchuan Mountain had the xuanxin grass. I turned the mountain upside down and still couldn't find it!"

"What?" Consort Qin held her mouth in astonishment. "Your Highness the Princess, you said that you turned Lingchuan Mountain upside down? From what I know, Lingchuan Mountain has countless dangers. If you truly ransacked it, how can you stand here unscathed? If you ask me, you were too cowardly and did not dare to go to Lingchuan Mountain, right?"

Mu Xuexin snorted. "Since Consort Qin knows Lingchuan Mountain has countless dangers, why did you force me to go there then and you yourself hid inside the imperial palace? You claim that you're infatuated with Father Emperor, but I don't see it."

Consort Qin had a hint of embarrassment on her face and awkwardly chuckled. "This consort needs to take care of His Majesty, so how could this consort leave? Moreover, as His Majesty's daughter, Princess ought to take a risk for His Majesty."

"Is that so? Then why didn't Consort Qin assign the experts of the imperial palace to me? If the imperial palace doesn't have any experts, the Qi Family has quite a few, doesn't it?"

Mu Xuexin's words caused Consort Qin's face to freeze. The ministers inside the room all simultaneously turned their gaze toward Consort Qin.

Consort Qin did not hold much hatred toward the previous Empress. After all, when the Empress passed away, the Qi Family had not obtained power yet, so Consort Qin naturally had not seen the previous Empress. However, she hated Mu Xuexin!

Because the Emperor dearly loved Mu Xuexin, it made her inwardly unhappy.

Mu Xuexin was merely a daughter, and she had birthed a son, to say the least, but she had never seen the Emperor dote on her son that much.

When Yun Yueqing was still here, Consort Qin did not dare to be too impudent because she knew Yun Yueqing's character. If Yun Yueqing learned of her true nature, she certainly would not support the Qi Family anymore.

( Box novel.c om )    On top of that, Mu Xuexin had an extremely good relationship with Qi Su, and Yun Yueqing was a protective person, so Consort Qin could not bully Mu Xuexin.

As a result, Consort Qin did not reveal her nature until a year after Yun Yueqing left!

"Consort Qin, your actions simply disregarded Fourth Princess' safety." A minister could not remain silent and spoke up, his face livid. "If anything happened to the princess, how could this subject explain it to His Majesty?"

They knew that Mu Xuexin went to Lingchuan Mountain but did not stop it since the Imperial Family had a lot of experts. What they did not expect was for Consort Qin to not give a single one of those experts to Mu Xuexin.

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