Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1828 - Arriving at Empire City (3)

Chapter 1828: Arriving at Empire City (3)

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After saying that, Qi Mo indignantly said "Dad! What right does that bastard Qi Su have? What right does he have to sell my prescription to other people? That belongs to our Qi Family!"

That's right, even now, Qi Mo believed that the prescription of the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid belonged to the Qi Family. By selling the prescription of the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid to the Second Prince, it was the same as selling off a possession of the Qi Family.

As the heir of the Qi Family, how could he be content?

"No wonder." Qi Zheng closed his eyes with chagrin. Sometime later, he finally opened his eyes. "I was wondering why the Second Prince of the Tianqi Kingdom would help him for no reason. It turns out he was aiming for the prescription as well. Qi Su is truly a traitor who leeched off us while helping others secretly! He doesn't understand he should offer good things to the Qi Family. Even selling it to the Qi Family would work! Instead, he gave it to someone else!"

"Dad, what should we do now?" Qi Mo was very enraged. As soon as he thought of how the prescription that belonged to him was stolen by someone, fury was boiling inside of him.

"Qi Mo, ignore this for now. In a few months, Fourth Princess will become a member of our Qi Family, go find her first," Qi Zheng said while looking at Qi Mo.

Qi Mo was startled, and Mu Xuexin's pretty face surfaced in his mind. Greed and desire flashed through his eyes.

Since the first time he saw the Forth Princess, he had been deeply captivated by her. Who knew that the Imperial Family would establish a betrothal with Qi Su, and the Forth Princess had her eyes solely on him?!

Why? He was the eldest son of the Qi Family, so why wasn't the betrothal set with him instead?

Thankfully, the Emperor was seriously ill, and Yun Yueqing's fate was unknown, so he acquired the chance to marry the princess.

"Also…" Qi Zheng hesitated for a moment before continuing, "The Fourth Princess can only be your concubine. She can't become your wife."

"What?" Astonishment overtook Qi Mo's face.

Making the Forth Princess be his concubine? The Imperial Family would permit that?

Qi Zheng also saw Qi Mo's doubt and explained, "This was your aunt's order. If you want to marry the Fourth Princess, she can only be your concubine!"

Qi Mo's aunt was evidently Qi Qin, the Consort Qin who hated Mu Xuexin to her bones.

With Consort Qin's hatred for Mu Xuexin, how could she allow Mu Xuexin to be the wife? Mu Xuexin must be a concubine!

"As long as I obtain her, a concubine will do. Moreover, if I took a princess of the Imperial Family as my wife, how could I take concubines in the future?" Qi Mo licked the corner of his mouth. "If she is a concubine, then she can't mind my business."

Qi Su, don't think that I don't know that she is your heart even though you kept rejecting Mu Xuexin. I want to let you know that the woman you like is only worthy of being my concubine, being played with as I please! You will certainly be in pain for your whole life at that time!

He could imagine Qi Su's pained expression already and broke into laughter.

Qi Zheng's following words filled his heart with joy again.

"Mo'er, make preparations, I will bring your mother back to the estate in a few days. I want to give her a status."

"Yes, Father."

At that moment, Qi Mo felt like he was the ultimate winner in life. He not only had power and status, but his mother was also returning to the estate. His mother becoming a proper wife of the Qi Family was within reach. Was this something that Qi Su could contend with?

That guy was only worthy of looking up at him!

"Go on then." Qi Zheng waved his hand, his gaze toward Qi Mo brimming with loving care.

Qi Mo cupped his fists and retreated. He wanted to go find the Forth Princess and make her understand that relying on him would be the best choice…


In the inner court of the imperial palace, Mu Yiran was laying on the bed unconscious. His face was pale and his breathing weak.

A beautiful woman dressed in an imperial gown was resting by his side. There were tears on her face, but not much sincere grief in her expression, her behavior entirely superficial.

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