Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1826 - Arriving at Empire City (1)

Chapter 1826: Arriving at Empire City (1)

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"Because of that, I plan to use the Second Prince's name to open this medicine store. As compensation, they have a priority to purchase anything inside our medicine store."

Although Yun Luofeng provided quite a bit of spirit-gathering medicinal liquid to the Second Prince every month, who would resent having too much of an item like the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid?

In truth, the Second Prince had other reasons for agreeing to this request. He could determine that the provider of the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid would certainly be someone extraordinary in the future. He would not suffer any loss by befriending someone like that!

That was right, he said the provider of the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid, not Qi Su. After all. Qi Lao'er believed that Qi Su could not provide the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid, and there was certainly a higher power helping him. However, there was no way that Qi Lao'er would guess that the higher power he thought of would be Yun Luofeng.

"Your worries are correct." Yun Luofeng lightly stroked her chin, a light flashing through her eyes. "When Qi Ling and I went to cultivate, we ran into Mu Xuexin."

Qi Su jolted when he heard this name, and deep fondness flashed through his eyes.

Yun Luofeng was observing his expression the whole time. When she saw the emotion in his eyes, she determined that the relationship between Qi Su and Mu Xuexin wasn't ordinary.

She continued watching Qi Su as she said, "Mu Xuexin said that the Imperial Family wanted to marry her to Qi Mo! One single Qi Family doesn't need to be feared but if we want to achieve success in Empire City, it would be best to avoid trouble with the Imperial Family."

As expected, when Qi Su heard that Mu Xuexin was getting married to Qi Mo, Qi Su was taken back at first, but soon after, a barely detectable trace of pain flitted through his eyes.

She originally thought Mu Xuexin's affections were unrequited, but it turned out it was mutual.

However, because Qi Su was evicted from the Qi Family, he could only repress his feelings toward Mu Xuexin. Perhaps even Qi Ling did not realize this…

Qi Su's pain instantly receded, and he quickly recovered.

"In truth, even without the marriage between Mu Xuexin and Qi Mo, I must still keep the Imperial Family in mind because Consort Qin is my father's younger sister."

Consort Qin?

Yun Luofeng's eyes flickered. If she remembered correctly, Mu Xuexin said that it was Consort Qin who was scheming against her.

"Qi Su, when the medicine store has its grand opening, don't let people know about the Second Prince yet. After all, he is a prince of Tianqi Kingdom. Him coming to the Liufeng Kingdom to open a medicine store might not go over smoothly."

Qi Su started. He did not consider this point initially.

"The events after that should run without a hitch. The store is opened already, what can they do?" Yun Luofeng slightly narrowed her eyes. "In truth, our apprehensions are different. You are only worried about the Imperial Family and the Qi Family suppressing the medicine store, but do you think something like the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid can be suppressed? If people know that it was you who opened the medicine store, shameless people would certainly try to snatch it by force. But if it was another kingdom's prince, to avoid a conflict between two kingdoms, they would not have the guts to do that."

Qi Su's face froze. Yun Luofeng was right. With those people's character, they would certainly try to take the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid by force.

"If the Qi Family asks, say that you have sold the prescription to the Second Prince already." Yun Luofeng shrugged. If someone was willing to step forward and take the blame, who was she to stop them?

"Miss Yun, I understand. When will we depart for Empire City?" Qi Su asked after calming down.

"Pack up your things. We will leave now."

Yun Luofeng's words caused excitement to erupt in Qi Su. Heavens knew how repressed he had felt the past year. He never imagined there would be a day where he could go back! He would certainly make those people understand what a big mistake they made by evicting him!


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