Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1825 - Princess, Run! (8)

Chapter 1825: Princess, Run! (8)

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"Why don't you want her?"

Qi Su glanced at Shiyu. Truthfully, he was making Shiyu go and submit to Yun Luofeng in order to polish her character and make her understand she could not offend some people.

"Too weak, I don't need her." Yun Luofeng was very honest, but her words drained Shiyu's face of color.

She rejected Shiyu, not because of Shiyu's prior attitude towards her, but because Shiyu's strength did not meet her standards.

Qi Su was instantly rendered speechless.

That was true. Yun Luofeng was able to create a god-level puppet, so how could Shiyu meet her standards? Her rejection made sense.

"Then we will have Shiyu sweep the back courtyard."

In any case, he did not plan to keep Shiyu by his side, but he did not kick her away in consideration of his teacher. Of course, if she wanted to leave herself, he would not stop her.

Shiyu's complexion did not look too good. She was kneeling on the ground with her head lowered. She would rather go sweep the courtyard than be kicked out. Otherwise, if Lady Yueqin was still alive, she certainly would not spare her! That's right, Shiyu had an inherent fear towards Yun Yueqing.

She still remembered how she was being hunted to death by a group of people three years ago, and the graceful Yun Yueqing descended from the sky in her snow-white clothes and saved her. Yun Yueqing was her savior, so she should be grateful towards her, and she was. However, compared to gratitude she had more fear.  ( Box novel.c om )

After saving her, Yun Yueqing clearly told her her objective and ordered her to follow Qi Su and protect him. If anything happened to Qi Su, Yun Yueqing would make her pay with her life! This was why she did not want Young Master to kick her out. Otherwise, Yun Yueqing would certainly kill her!

She could still recall the murderous aura surrounding Yun Yueqing as she said this back then! It was an aura that could kill her at any moment!

Thinking about this point, Shiyu lowered her head and bit her lips. "Young Master, I am willing to go sweep the courtyard. I only beg Young Master to allow me to stay by your side."

Qi Su paused before saying, "Although I'm having you clean the courtyard, you must be respectful toward Miss Yun from now on. She is your first master! You must defer to her more than Xiao Ling and me!"

Shiyu looked up in shock.

Although Yun Luofeng helped Miss to be able to cultivate, Young Master was making her defer to Yun Luofeng more than them? Was this merely because he was thankful for Yun Luofeng's assistance?

Regardless of how many questions Shiyu had in her mind, she did not say it out loud. She cast her eyes down. "As you order, Young Master."

She had no choice! She also believed from the bottom of her heart that a woman like Yun Yueqing absolutely would not die inside the Forest of Heaven's Trial!

"Leave us then, I have something to say to Miss Yun."  ( Box novel.c om )

Qi Su did not torment her any further, but his distant tone made it clear he did not want to speak to Shiyu anymore.

Shiyu stood up from the ground and slowly left. Her gaze toward Yun Luofeng did not contain its previous resentment, it could be labeled as chagrin at most.

Qi Su did not look at Yun Luofeng until Shiyu left, "Miss Yun, while you were gone, I reached an agreement with the second prince of Tianqi Kingdom."

"What agreement?" Yun Luofeng asked with raised brows.

"It's like this, we want to develop in Empire City, but the Qi Family certainly won't allow it. Perhaps we would even be tragically suppressed in Empire City."

They might possess the spirit-gathering medicinal Liquid but if the Qi Family suppressed them, their path in Empire City would be incomparably difficult. That was why Qi Su had so many apprehensions.

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