Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1824 - Princess, Run! (7)

Chapter 1824: Princess, Run! (7)

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Before Qi Ling could react, she was pulled into a warm embrace.

"You returned. You finally returned…" Qi Su's voice was slightly trembling.

In these three months, he had suppressed the worry in his heart, afraid that other people would follow his lead and worry. He was afraid—afraid that Yun Luofeng and Qi Ling would go and not return like Master.

He did not want to experience the pain of losing family a second time!

Sensing Qi Su's worry, Qi Ling stuck her pink tongue out and innocently said, "Brother, sorry. I forgot the time while cultivating, so I returned late."

"Cultivate? You…" Qi Su released the girl in his embrace and examined her with shock. "You can cultivate?"

Qi Ling nodded.

Receiving a confirmation, Qi Su's lips shuddered, and emotional tears could not help but flow down.

"That's great! You can finally cultivate. That's truly great…" Qi Su wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes and looked up at Yun Luofeng. "Miss Yun, thank you. If it weren't for you, I don't know when Xiao Ling would be able to cultivate."

Yun Luofeng smiled. "Actually, Qi Ling has quite the talent and a strong heart, so you can give her to me to train. I will let her grow as fast as possible."

Joy entered Qi Su's heart, and he hurriedly rebuked, "Xiao Ling, why aren't you paying your respect to your master already?"

In the beginning, Qi Ling only considered Yun Luofeng to be her master in her mind and continued to call her 'Sister'. However, Qi Su's words meant that Qi Ling could recognize Yun Luofeng as her master.

Qi Ling knelt down partially and cutely stuck her tongue out before mischievously saying, "Xiao Ling greets Master."

On the side, Shiyu had her mouth wide open from shock.

This woman did not take advantage and abduct Miss? She also helped Miss successfully cultivate?

Recalling how she previously targeted Yun Luofeng, shame flashed across her face.

In truth, she did not especially hate Yun Luofeng. It was merely because she thought Yun Luofeng dragged Young Master down, so she felt conflicted about her. However, Young Master just had to admonish her because of this, causing her to be more furious.

Added with her worry for Qi Ling, this was why she said something so undue.

Upon learning that Yun Luofeng helped Qi Ling cultivate, the grudge in her heart also dissipated, and she stood on the side and bit her lips, not saying a word.

"Shiyu, do you remember what you said earlier?" Qi Su aloofly glanced at Shiyu. "You said that if Miss Yun didn't kidnap Ling'er, then you would be her slave to make up for your mistake. You belong to her now and have no relationship with my sister and me from now on."

"Young Master!" Shiyu's expression changed, and she dropped to a kneeling position on the ground with a plop. "I was wrong. Please don't make me leave."

"It's too late." Qi Su aloofly glanced at Shiyu. "I know you look down on Miss Yun, but I previously warned you that she wasn't someone you could offend. Yet, you just wouldn't listen to me and disobeyed me again and again. Why do you think I should retain you?"

Shiyu wanted to continue to beg when Yun Luofeng's bewitching voice was heard.

"Qi Su, are you attempting to forcefully stuff someone you don't want into my hands? I don't have a habit of taking unwanted things from other people."

Shiyu's face froze. Her head was leaning against the ground, and she was an inch from finding a hole in the ground to burrow herself into.

Her strength was not bad, but these people all disregarded her?

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