Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1823 - Princess, Run! (6)

Chapter 1823: Princess, Run! (6)

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Shiyu immediately saw the youth sitting in front of the desk. She bit her lips and said, "Young Master, you allowed Miss to leave with a strange woman, can you truly be without worry? Three months have passed already, and Miss still hasn't returned. I'm afraid it bodes ill for her!"

Shiyu's eyes were filled with anxiety. She truly did not understand, they have never met this woman before in their life, so why did Young Master trust her so much?

Qi Su frowned and looked up at Shiyu. "First, she is not a strange woman. Second… Xiao Ling is my sister! As her brother, could I possibly harm her?"

"Young Master, that's not what I meant." Shiyu was drenched with sweat. "I only worry that she has deceived Young Master. You are kind and easily trust other people, perhaps the Qi Family purposefully found a woman that resembled Madam Yueqing in order to target Miss."

Bang!  ( Box novel.c om )

The youth roughly tossed the pen onto the desk and icily said, "Shiyu, don't forget your status. Aren't you overstepping your position?"

How could he not worry about Qi Ling? However, he worried about Qi Ling, but it did not mean he did not trust Yun Luofeng. He was merely afraid they had run into danger.

Back then, Yun Yueqing had claimed she would leave for a year but then did not return even after three years.

"Young Master, you have changed."

Shiyu took a few steps back and stared at Qi Su in disbelief. "You used to put Miss above all else and do everything with her benefit in mind. Now, she has gone missing for three months, but you still have faith in that woman? I can guarantee that that woman has taken Miss away and absolutely won't return!"

Qi Su was livid and pounded his fist on the desk. "Shiyu, you…"

"Young Master, you disappointed me too much." With another glance at Qi Su, Shiyu turned around and headed out the door. "If you won't go find Miss, then I will go find her! I will bring Miss Ling'er back!"

Qi Su's face turned more displeased. If he did not know Shiyu was completely loyal to him and only dared to disobey him out of worry for Qi Ling, he would certainly kill her with a slap!

"Stand right there! I believe in Miss Yun. I don't permit you to go!"

Shiyu's steps halted and her gaze filled with more disappointment. She did not expect Young Master to lose his wits due to a woman and would neglect Miss as a result.

"Young Master, I believe in my instinct. She won't return. If I wrongly accused her, then I will be her slave for the rest of my life to make up for my mistake!" Shiyu looked up straight at the courtyard in front of her. Her voice was powerful and full of resolution.

However, at this time… two familiar figures suddenly entered their sight in the air.

The woman's clothes were white as snow and fluttered with the wind. She held a cute little lolita in her arms and was shooting towards them at a rapid speed.

"Miss?" Shiyu involuntarily cried out as she watched the two people coming from the sky.

The words she had just spoken echoed in the courtyard, like a hand fiercely slapping her. It was extremely embarrassing.  ( Box novel.c om )

Closely following, her heart finally settled after three months of unease.

"Brother, I have returned…"

The moment Yun Luofeng touched the ground, Qi Ling's soft and sweet voice called out.

Qi Su had his head lowered and was writing something in the study. When he heard the lolita's voice though, his pen slipped from his hand, and he madly dashed out of the study.

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