Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1821 - Princess, Run! (4)

Chapter 1821: Princess, Run! (4)

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This word started Yun Luofeng but she did not refute it.

"Really? You can cultivate?" The girl's eyes sparkled, and her face was full of joy. "That's great! Right, is your brother doing… alright?"

When the girl mentioned Qi Su, she was blushing, and her face contained shyness. Seeing this, Yun Luofeng smiled. This girl's relationship with Qi Su was likely not as simple as friendship. This girl did not forget about Qi Su while he was down and out, so she was a worthy girl to befriend.

"My brother is doing well, but I… I was nearly sold off by the Qi Family." Qi Ling pouted, her face brimming with the grievance.

"What?" The girl was shocked. "You are saying the Qi Family wanted to sell you? When did this happen? How could they do something so atrocious? I originally thought it was good that your brother and you left the Qi Family, but I didn't expect those people would be inhumane to this extent."

Selling a daughter? The Qi Family was not that poor! If nothing else, they merely considered Qi Ling useless so they wanted to trade her for something! This was undoubtedly Qi Mo's idea! Thinking to this point, the girl was furious. An idiot like Qi Mo was not worthy to hold Qi Su's shoes for him. She really did not understand what Qi Zheng was thinking.

"Sister Mu, I remembered the Emperor was sick, how is he?"

When they were kicked out of the Qi Estate a year ago, the emperor of Liufeng Kingdom was seriously ill, and as the princess, she could not come to send them off./updated by

The girl's eyes darkened. "Father Emperor's condition is worsening. This time, it was his consorts who made me come to Lingchuan Mountain to find xuanxin grass. They claimed that since Father Emperor loved me the most, it would be unfilial of me if I didn't go and find the xuanxin grass. Truthfully though, they didn't need to say something ridiculous like that. As long as there's a single hint of hope for saving Father Emperor, I wouldn't give up."

"Xuanxin grass?" Yun Luofeng aloofly glanced at the girl. "Lingchuan Mountain doesn't have xuanxin grass."

"What?" The girl's face shifted. "Impossible! Consort Qin said the xuanxin grass was located deep in Lingchuan Mountain. How could there not be xuanxin grass?"

"I am speaking the truth. I have dwelled inside Lingchuan Mountain for three months but never saw the xuanxin grass."

Qi Ling agreed from the side, "Sister Yun is right. Lingchuan Mountain doesn't have any xuanxin grass. You must have been deceived by those people."

In truth, Qi Ling did not know what xuanxin grass was. She only knew that whatever Yun Luofeng said, it was correct.

The girl's legs grew weak and she nearly collapsed on the ground. She harshly bit her lips and angrily said, "As if it wasn't enough that they wanted to harm me! If they worsened Father Emperor's illness because of this, Father Emperor would die!"

"Your Highness the Princess, this subordinate has already said that those people have bad intentions. They all want Your Highness to be met with mishaps!" the guard beside the princess bitterly stated as he hastily helped the princess up.

Those people were like jackals and hyenas. Ever since His Majesty fell ill, they had treated the princess like this and wished nothing more than to cause her death! As loyal subjects of the princess, how could they not be enraged?

"Thank you." The girl stood up. "Not only did you save me earlier, but you also told me Lingchuan Mountain doesn't have xuanxin grass. Otherwise, I'm afraid I would delve deeper. Right, I haven't asked you for your name yet. My name is Mu Xuexin."

"Yun Luofeng," Yun Luofeng replied with a faint smile.

Mu Xuexin was somewhat dazed. With some difficulty, she had learned of a method to save Father Emperor, but it turned out to be those people's plot to harm her.

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