Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1820 - Princess, Run! (3)

Chapter 1820: Princess, Run! (3)

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Xiao Mo's strength would rise every time that God Code Space enlarged.

Little Tree recently started studiously cultivating. He was originally the strongest out of everyone, but now even Milk Tea was close to surpassing him, so how could he not worry? Thankfully, he had reached half-god level some time ago, so he would probably be the first spirit beast to break through to god level.

Lingchuan Mountain

A group of people were having a confrontation with a few spirit beasts.

There was a young girl dressed in pink standing in the center being protected by everyone. She had a cute and exquisite face, but her clothes were splattered by blood and her delicate face was very pale.

"Your Highness the Princess, we will protect you so you can leave here first," the lead guard said, his expression determined in the face of possible death.

"No, I can't leave!" There was fear in the girl's eyes, but her voice was staunchly determined. "If I leave, my mission this time will dissolve into ashes!"

"Princess, if you don't leave, aren't you giving those people what they want? They purposefully made you come and find xuanxin grass in order to utilize the spirit beasts in Lingchuan Mountain to deal with you." The guard's face was anxious as he worriedly watched the ferocious beasts.

It was not that the imperial clan did not have any experts, but how could those people allow the princess to take those experts with her?

They purposefully used the princess's filial piety to force the princess to go and find xuanxin grass so that the princess would be killed without a doubt! Those people were truly cruel!

While those guards attempted to persuade the girl, an enormous spirit beast suddenly tore open a guard's chest, and the guard instantly fell onto the ground.

Almost immediately, the beast had charged to the front of the girl.

The girl was pale from fright, and she could not move. Her eyes were full of fright as she looked on helplessly as the spirit beast leaped toward her.


Just as the girl thought she would die without a doubt, a branch pierced through the sky and was embedded in the beast's head. The beast's claw stopped a mere centimeter from the girl, and then it fell down from the air and roughly dropped onto the ground with a bang.

However, this was not the end.

The other spirit beasts that were tangling with the guards also had branches penetrate them. They dropped to the ground without any warning and didn't rise again.

Everyone was stupefied and they turned to look at the origin of the branches. They found a woman in white clothes slowly walking out of the trees. The woman was very young, about 20 something years old. Her face was beautiful enough to overturn nations, and no one could overlook it.

"Miss, was it you who saved us?" a guard asked while respectfully cupping his fists.

The woman looked young, but how could anyone who appeared deep in Lingchuan Mountain be ordinary?

"Oh, Sister Mu, it's you?"

While everyone tried to guess the woman's identity, a little head peeled out from behind the woman. She stuck her tongue out and said, "Sister Yun said there was someone disturbing our cultivation, so we came to take a look. I didn't expect it would be you running into trouble."

"You are…" the girl was startled. "You are Qi Ling? Qi Su's younger sister? Why are you here?"

After hearing their conversation, Yun Luofeng slowly retracted her imposing aura.

So she was an old friend of the Qi siblings?

An innocent smile spread on Qi Ling's face. "It was Sister Yun who brought me here. She said she had a way to help me cultivate, so I came with her. Oh right, Sister Yun is my teacher. She allowed me to not be a trash anymore."

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