Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1816 - The Qi Family Finding Trouble (7)

Chapter 1816: The Qi Family Finding Trouble (7)

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He was cooperating with the second prince of Tianqi Kingdom and he possessed the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid and puppets, so it wouldn't be long until he defeated the Qi Family!

"Brother…" Qi Ling's heart contracted and she subconsciously clutched Qi Su's hand while tightly biting her lips and asking, "… are we returning to Empire City?"

That place could be considered to be the nightmare in Qi Ling's heart. Upon hearing the words 'Empire City', she started trembling, and her face drained of color.

"Xiao Ling, we left in a sorry state last time, but this time we are powerfully returning!" Qi Su comforted Qi Ling's fragile mind. "Moreover, don't you want to see Mother?"

Qi Ling shuddered and lowered her head. Some time later, she finally looked up. "I don't want Mother, I want Auntie Yun."

Qi Su helplessly smiled. A year ago, when they were kicked out of the estate, their biological mother was powerless to do anything but helplessly watch as they left.

Could they blame her though?

Previously, when his master was here, it caused their mother's position in the Qi Family to be very high and Qi Zheng respected her a lot. However, a year after Master disappeared, those people determined Master to be dead, and their mother's status was worse than a maidservant.

Her talent was not very good, so even if Master wanted to help her raise her strength, she couldn't do it. So she truly could not be blamed for it…

"Brother, I don't want to be a trash anymore." Qi Ling looked up, her big eyes brightly shining. "I want to cultivate. I will persist through it no matter how painful it is. If I have the strength, then I can go to the Forest of Heaven's Trial to find Auntie Yun. She must be alive still…"

"Xiao Ling, your body can't handle it." Qi Su's heart jolted. He looked down at the girl in front of him, helplessness leaking out of his eyes.

"Brother, I want to try it again…"

Inside Qi Ling's young heart, she had stubbornly believed that Yun Yueqing would definitely return to their side as long as she could cultivate.

Yun Luofeng stood beside the brother and sister, and her eyes were dark as though she was contemplating something.

"Brother, Ling'er isn't afraid of pain or of death! I only want Auntie Yun to come back!"

Of Qi Ling was given another chance to choose, she would not allow Yun Yueqing to risk her life. She would rather be a trash for life than to allow Auntie Yun to step into that dangerous place.

However, Qi Ling did not know anything back then and had no idea what Yun Yueqing was doing. It wasn't until she grew older that she understood why the woman who was warm like a mother suddenly disappeared.

"If she wants to try, then let her try it."

Just as Qi Su was about to deny her, a voice spoke, causing him to start.

Qi Su quickly recovered and shook his head with a wry smile. "Miss Yun, Xiao Ling's build is a bit special and she will be in endless pain when she cultivates. If she forcefully cultivates, her blood vessels will certainly burst, and she will die."

He looked at Qi Ling again, his eyes full of gentleness. "When Ling'er just turned two, Master wanted to teach her to cultivate but discovered her body's peculiarity. Hence, she went to the Forest of Heaven's Trial to find a spirit plant called the nine-star spirit fruit. This fruit can help Xiao Ling forcefully cultivate. Who knew she would go and never return…"

Yun Luofeng slightly narrowed her eyes. Besides Qi Ling's special build, she had also discovered Qi Ling's memory surpassed that of normal people.

Normally, memories from before someone was two years old should be easily forgotten. Yet, she remembered them clearly, and her memory about Yun Yueqing was remarkable.

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