Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1815 - The Qi Family Finding Trouble (6)

Chapter 1815: The Qi Family Finding Trouble (6)

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Qi Su turned to walk to Qi Ling's side, his eyes full of heartache. "Xiao Ling, do you blame Brother for not seeking retribution from the Qi Family?"

Qi Ling shook her head, her resolve unwavering. "I know Brother wants to conceal his strength and bid his time until he has enough power to make the Qi Family fall without any chance of recovery. My temporary grievance will only make Brother's eventual revenge greater."

Qi Ling was raised in a place like the Qi Estate since she was young and was taught by Yun Yueqing, so how could she be a naive little girl?

It wasn't a problem that Qi Su didn't deal with the Qi Family since he wasn't powerful enough yet. As soon as he obtained enough power, it would be the Qi Family's doomsday!

"Xiao Ling, the Qi Family's empire was built by Master, so I will take back what belongs to us little by little!" Qi Su's eyes were cast down, viciousness glimmering in his eyes.

His master helped the Qi Family raise its strength in order to make the Qi Family become his shield and guarantee his safety for his whole life. The mountain range conquered by his master did end up in his hands. But after Master went missing, those people threatened to harm Xiao Ling to force him to hand over the mountain range to them. For his sister's safety, he could only give up the wealth in his hands.

Yun Luofeng suddenly broke her silence after s moment of contemplation. "Qi Su, since the medicine store belongs to the Qi Family, then return it to them."

Uncle Zhao frowned, his tone clearly unfriendly, "Miss, the Qi Family's medicine store was managed by Second Young Master Qi until now, why should his work benefit those people? I know you are Second Young Master's friend, but aren't you overstepping your boundaries by deciding this for him?"

In comparison, Qi Lao'er also realized something and he looked toward Yun Luofeng with praise in his eyes. No wonder Qi Su took a liking to this woman, she truly had extraordinary abilities and when she considered a problem she was more thorough than anyone else.

Evidently, upon seeing Qi Su keeping Yun Luofeng by his side, Qi Lao'er reasonably assumed their relationship wasn't ordinary and did not consider her to be the creator of the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid at all.

"The medicine store is under the Qi Family's control, but does the deed also belong to the Qi Family?" Yun Luofeng ignored Uncle Zhao's words and kept her eyes on Qi Su.

Suddenly realizing something, Qi Su nodded.

"Although Second Prince helped me chase the Qi Family's people away today, the Qi Family's medicine store currently belongs to the Qi Family. Naturally, I can't continue to manage the Qi Family's medicine store." Qi Su smiled. "Uncle Zhao, Miss Yun is my good friend, and she has a good suggestion. If you want to follow me, why don't we open another medicine store? How about it?"

Anyway, within this month, the medicinal herbs inside the Qi Family's medicine store were essentially all sold, and he possessed a large amount of wealth, so he had the capital to break away from the Qi Family.

Only then did Uncle Zhao come to a realization and shame flashed through his face. "So that's Miss Yun's plan. I have misunderstood Miss Yun. Indeed, the Qi Family's medicine store belongs to the Qi Family, so regardless of how successful we are, the Qi Family can take it back. So why don't we strike out on our own instead?"

Uncle Zhao paused briefly before continuing, "Young Master, this old servant is willing to follow Young Master and absolutely won't return to the Qi Family to be loyal to that nitwit!"

"Great!" Qi Su was obviously pleased. "Uncle Zhao, why don't we open a medicine store in Empire City this time? I will make the Qi Family unable to remain in Empire City!"

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