Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1814 - The Qi Family Finding Trouble (5)

Chapter 1814: The Qi Family Finding Trouble (5)

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Clap, clap, clap!

A wave of clapping was heard, immediately followed by a masculine derisive and mocking laughter.

"This is my first time seeing someone so biased. Your second son achieved this accomplishment with his hard work, why should he hand it over to someone?"

"Who are you? How dare you mind our Qi Family's business?!" Qi Zheng asked between clenched teeth as he furiously watched the slowly approaching Qi Lao'er.

Swish swish swish!

Just as he finished speaking, several hidden guards descended from the sky and drew out an icy longsword, settling it on his neck.

Qi Zheng's face turned livid instantly. However, he was at the mercy of someone else's sword, so he did not dare to say anything rashly.

"You again!" Qi Mo recognized this man with a single look. "What's the relationship between you and Qi Su? Why do you keep helping him several times?"

Qi Lao'er snorted. "I need to purchase spirit-gathering medicinal Liquid from him, so I will help him of course."

Hearing this, Qi Zheng released a breath of relief.

"If all you want is the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid, then all's well. Make your guards release me. After I obtain the prescription, I will provide the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid to you."

Hearing this, Qi Su was startled, his gaze toward Qi Lao'er filling with worry. He was afraid Qi Lao'er would agree.

If it was like that, then his and Yun Luofeng's plan would wither into nothing.

In contrast, Yun Luofeng remained calm the whole time, her hand was gently patting Qi Ling's back, without a single ripple in her placid eyes.

Qi Ling hid her entire body in Yun Luofeng's embrace, and only a little head peeked out to timidly look at Qi Zheng and his son.

Faced with Qi Zheng's anticipation and Qi Su's worry, Qi Lao'er suddenly chuckled and said, "That's quite a good idea. However…"

Qi Zheng paused, a smile turning up on his lips. "If I have to cooperate with the shameless Qi Family… I would rather choose Qi Su. At least I would worry less about his character."

Qi Zheng's face drastically changed. Looking at the resolute Qi Lao'er, fury burned in his eyes.

"Qi Su has no power or authority, but the Qi Family is a big family and a powerful business. You will certainly regret rejecting the Qi Family and choosing to cooperate with Qi Su."

"I don't know whether I will regret it." Qi Lao'er smiled, baring his pearly teeth, making him appear eerie and chilly. "However, I do know that you will definitely regret it. Get lost!"


Qi Lao'er fiercely kicked Qi Zheng in the chest, sending him flying back in an instant. He swatted off his sleeve and retracted his leg as he icily said, "From now on, if you take another step inside Fenglin Town, I will find someone to break your leg!"

Qi Zheng was frightened by the strength behind Qi Lao'er's leg. He scrambled up with difficulty and ran off.

Qi Mo was also dumbfounded. Without waiting for Qi Lao'er to make him leave, he hurriedly chased after Qi Zheng.

Qi Lao'er turned to face Qi Su with a faint smile. "Second Young Master Qi, you previously said this was your family business and did not wish for other people to interfere, so I did not do anything to them and only helped you chase them off. I believe that they will regret it when you grow to be powerful."

Qi Su had the best talent in the Qi Family, Yun Yueqing would not take him on as a disciple otherwise. However, he was too young still and still had a long way to go, but he only needed time. Eventually, the entire Qi Family would fall into his hands.

This was why Qi Lao'er said that Qi Zheng would regret it!

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