Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1813 - The Qi Family Finding Trouble (4)

Chapter 1813: The Qi Family Finding Trouble (4)

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When Qi Mo saw the woman in snow-white clothes, shock appeared in his eyes. Of course, his shock wasn't due to Yun Luofeng's stunning beauty. It was due to terror deep in his heart!

Too alike! They look too alike! This woman and Yun Yueqing looked too alike!

If she was not 20 or so years younger, then he would truly suspect that Yun Yueqing had returned!

"Qi Mo!" After leaving Qi Ling with Yun Luofeng, Qi Su slowly turned his head. His bone-chilling gaze was akin to a sharp blade, mercilessly slicing into Qi Mo's flesh and bones.

"Back then, I made a deal with you. If I could turn the Qi Family medicine store in Fenglin Town into a household name within one year, you would let Xiao Ling go. Are you going back on your word now?"

Qi Su's eyes were brimming with killing intent at that moment. He wished nothing more than to charge over and kill Qi Mo. However, he also understood that he could not be rash.

Revenge is a dish best served cold! Once he gathered enough strength, he would certainly make these people meet a tragic end!

Qi Mo was frightened by Qi Su's gaze. His face was somewhat pale, and he had difficulty breathing.

Perhaps sensing Qi Mo's trouble, Qi Zheng's eyebrows knitted, and he soundlessly resolved the stream of pressure for him. Qi Zheng's severe gaze landed on Qi Su's face like a knife.

"Qi Su, this matter can't be blamed on Mo'er. It was my decision!"

Qi Su snorted. He did not expect anything from the Qi Family ever since he learned their true colors. He was not the slightest bit surprised by Qi Zheng's words.

"People say that a tiger won't eat his children no matter how ferocious he is, so I truly don't understand why you must force my sister and me to our deaths!" Qi Su's eyes were full of rage, and his clenched fists were cracking.

"Force you?" Qi Zheng frowned. "Since when did I force you? If it weren't for Qi Ling acting unbridled herself, why would so many things happen? If she did not entice the old family head of the Qian Family, why would he name her particularly?"

In other words, Old Man Qian only took a liking to Qi Ling because Qi Ling acted unbridled. If she maintained her reserved manner, why would he want to marry her? Could it be that it was a woman's own fault for a man taking a liking to her? The bandits were the innocent party?

"Qi Zheng, you appear to have forgotten that Qi Ling is only five years old!"

A five-year-old girl seducing an old man? Was that possible?

Perhaps because Qi Su was too enraged, he did not call Qi Zheng 'father' and directly called his name instead.

As expected, his referral caused Qi Zheng to tremble from anger. His face was imposing without doing anything.

"What impudence! You unfilial son, how dare you be so unfilial! Due to our relationship as father and son, I gave you the Qi Family medicine store in Fengling Town, but I didn't expect you to pay me back like this." Qi Zheng's face was icy. "Since it's like that, then I will take back the medicine store. Return everything from the medicine store to me. Hand everything over—not only the prescription for the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid but also the money you earned from selling the medicinal liquid!"

Qi Zheng finally voiced his objective. More than that, his chest was puffed up, evidently not seeing anything wrong with his actions.

So what if the prescription was left to Qi Su by Yun Yueqing? The Qi Family medicine store belonged to the Qi Family in the end, so what was wrong about him demanding everything from the medicine store back?

"Let's not talk about the prescription, the money alone… There's not a tael of it!" Qi Su harrumphed and watched Qi Zheng with an aloof expression. His gaze was as though he was looking at a stranger.

"An unfilial son, an unfilial son as expected!" Qi Zheng was angrily pointing at Qi Su. "As your father, I order you to hand everything over. These are all meant to be given to your elder brother! Your brother is the eldest son of the Qi Family, so he should logically inherit everything. You are the second son, so making sure you are fed is more than enough. What right do you have to compete with your brother?"

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