Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1812 - The Qi Family Finding Trouble (3)

Chapter 1812: The Qi Family Finding Trouble (3)

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"Cough, cough." Qi Zheng dryly coughed and reproachfully glanced at Qi Mo. "You hurt this girl's face, what should we do now?"

Although he said that, he did not stop Qi Mo at all when he slammed Qi Ling's head onto the wall.

Qi Mo eerily smiled. "The Qi Family might lack some things but not spirit herbs. No matter how marred her face is, it can be remedied! However, I can't let her use them for free, Qi Su must pay to buy them!"

He had wanted to beat this darn girl up since a long time ago and vent his years of dissatisfaction toward Qi Su on Qi Ling.

Although there were a lot of bystanders, no one came forward to help Qi Ling and merely pointed their fingers and wagged their tongues from the side. Human kindness was nothing more than this.

Qi Ling soundlessly cried, tears drenching her face. Blood ceaselessly flowed from her forehead. Despair about the world filled her large eyes as she watched the populated street.

"Little b*tch, even if Qi Su comes this time, he can't save you!" Qi Mo sneered and pulled on Qi Ling's hair again as he walked to Qi Zheng's side.

"Dad, let's have someone take this girl back first."

Take her back?

His words caused Qi Ling to shudder. She broke her silence and suddenly started screaming at the top of her lungs, "No! I don't want to go back! Brother, save me! Sister Yun, save me!"

Qi Zheng frowned. This girl called Yun Yueqing "Auntie Yun," so who was this Sister Yun?

However, Qi Mo did not ponder over it anymore and tossed Qi Ling to the side. He ordered the Qi Family's guards, "Take this girl back to the Qi Family!"

"Yes, Eldest Young Master." A guard went up and grasped Qi Ling's arm before walking out of the crowd.

With strength called up from somewhere, Qi Ling opened her mouth and chomped on the guard's arm. The pain made the guard let go, and Qi Ling took advantage of the opportunity to swiftly run in the other direction.

"You want to run?" Qi Mo's gaze was menacing. He swiftly reached Qi Ling and tightly clutched her shoulder. "Little b*tch, let me see where you can run now."

Qi Ling's face turned pale, but she suddenly saw the two approaching figures, and her eyes lit up. "Brother! Sister Yun!"

Qi Su caught sight of Qi Ling in Qi Mo's hold at first glance, especially the bright red handprint on her face and the profusely bleeding wound on her forehead. Pain stung his heart.

"Xiao Ling!"


Before Qi Mo could react, a shout was heard from in front of them, and a tornado approached them head-on, sending his body back a few steps.

Qi Su frantically protected Qi Ling in his arms and furiously glared at Qi Mo. Then, he looked down at the girl's flushed face with heartache, his eyes full of guilt and pain.

"Xiao Ling, Brother wasn't able to protect you. Are you okay? Does it hurt?"

Looking at Qi Su's anxious face, Qi Ling shook her head. Her eyes were sparkling as she raised her hand to gently wipe away the youth's tears.

"Brother, Xiao Ling doesn't hurt. Don't cry. It really doesn't hurt…"

Her cheek and forehead were clearly hurting, but she could not say it out loud, because she didn't want to make her brother sad…

Qi Su set Qi Ling down, turned to Yun Luofeng and solemnly requested, "Miss Yun, please help me take care of my sister."

Originally, everyone was focused on Qi Su and did not discover Yun Luofeng behind him, but Qi Su's words made everyone turn to look at her…

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