Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1811 - The Qi Family Finding Trouble (2)

Chapter 1811: The Qi Family Finding Trouble (2)

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"I can persuade Qi Su to agree to your request." Yun Luofeng pushed the responsibility onto Qi Su instead of saying she could do it. After all, she did not want anyone to know she had the ability to create puppets yet.

Yun Luofeng did not ask for a reason. Everyone had their own secrets. Moreover, Qi Lao'er came from the imperial family, so confidential secrets must be involved in it, so she naturally did not inquire further.

"Young Master, Young Master!" Suddenly, a panicked voice was heard from outside the door.

Qi Su hurriedly stood up just as the door was pushed open with a bang. Uncle Zhao staggered inside.

"Young Master, not good! Family Head brought the members of the Qi Family here, and Miss happened to go to the medicine store and was caught by the Qi Family. They are saying they will take her back to be the concubine of Old Man Qian."

"What?" Qi Su stumbled and nearly fell over. He turned back and cupped his fists toward Qi Lao'er. "Second Master Qi, I will bid my farewell now since I have something to attend to." After saying this, he shot out of the door like a burst of wind.

Qi Lao'er frowned. "The Qi Family are truly unreasonable troublemakers! I had just reached an agreement with Qi Su, so I mustn't allow Qi Su to be defeated by the Qi Family! Servants, come with me to the Qi Family Clinic!"

He would like to see how the Qi Family bullied people!

The perimeter of the medicine store was teaming with observers.

Qi Mo had burst into the medicine store and dragged out Qi Ling from her hiding spot behind the counter. A slap was mercilessly flung onto her delicate face.

Qi Ling was stupefied, tears filling her innocent eyes. Her body was shivering as she tightly bit her lips, not saying a word.

"Little b*tch, you dare to hide! The Qi Family was kind enough to raise a trash like you for so many years, yet you are so ungrateful now!" Qi Mo harshly tugged on Qi Ling's hair and dragged her out of the medicine store hall.


Qi Su's subordinates approached, wanting to stop this, but were blocked by the experts brought here by the Qi Family. They could only helplessly watch Qi Mo drag Qi Ling outside.

Qi Zheng coldly watched them from his position outside the door. His face was devoid of emotion, as though it was not his biological daughter being mistreated and beat up by Qi Mo.

Seeing the disdain in the crowd's eyes, Qi Zheng dryly coughed and said, "Everyone, although Qi Ling is my daughter, she has been a delinquent since she was young and should be disciplined! She might only be five years old, but she already learned how to seduce people! That man recently came to the Qi Estate to find her, so I have no choice but to bring her back."

Qi Zheng shook his head, his expression helpless.

As the proverb goes, don't air your dirty laundry in public. Qi Ling had not done those things, and even if she did do it, wasn't he shaming the Qi Family by claiming his daughter had gone and seduced a man?

Qi Ling's face was full of grievance, and bead-sized tears dropped from her eyes. "I… I didn't…"

Qi Mo initially did not realize the intention of his father's words and only jolted to his senses after Qi Ling started speaking. He slammed Qi Ling's head against the wall.

"Little b*tch, you have the guts to deny it? As your elder brother, I will teach you a lesson today and see if you dare to shame our Qi Family again!"

After hitting the wall, Qi Ling's head started bleeding profusely. Her face was pale, and her shivering intensified.


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