Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1810 - Princess, Run! (1)

Chapter 1810: Princess, Run! (1)

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"This is deep into Lingchuan Mountain, so there shouldn't be anyone coming to disturb us." Yun Luofeng stopped walking and turned to the little lolita beside her and asked, "Qi Ling, are you prepared?"

The little lolita lightly bit her lips, determination shining in her bright eyes. "I'm prepared."

Yun Luofeng wickedly smiled. "I don't have a spirit fruit to help you, so this might hurt. If you can endure it, then you won't be a trash any longer."

In truth, Yun Luofeng knew a method that would be able to help Qi Ling since the first time she met her. However, the process was very painful, so how could she withstand it at such a young age? Hence, Yun Luofeng never mentioned helping her. It wasn't until a few days ago when she said those words herself outside of the Qi Family medicine store that Yun Luofeng decided to lend her a hand.

"Sister, Ling'er isn't afraid." Radiant light like the sun sparkled in Qi Ling's eyes, glimmering with hope.

"Then sit down first and attempt to cultivate. You should know the technique for cultivation. Endure it no matter how painful it is, I won't let you die," Yun Luofeng firmly said as she watched Qi Ling.

"Okay." Qi Ling was sitting cross-legged as her mind recalled the cultivation technique that Yun Yueqing taught her.

Spirit energy gathered in front of her, slowly forming a layer of thick fog. The thick fog penetrated Qi Ling's pores and wanted to burrow into her, but at that moment a sharp pain shot through Qi Ling, causing her to shudder and her face to instantly turn pale.

At the same time, a hand was placed on her back, and a warm power transmitted from the hand into her body, soothing her pain.

However, Qi Ling's cultivation was different from Yun Xiao extracting blood from his heart. The spirit energy in God Code Space could numb Yun Xiao from the pain when he extracted his blood, but it could not completely numb Qi Ling's sense of pain.

Hence, her body would jolt with every trace of spirit energy that entered, but she tightly bit her lips and did not utter a sound.

"Qi Ling, if you can't persist, don't worry. We can wait until we find the spirit fruit to help you cultivate." Yun Luofeng's voice came from behind Qi Ling, but it did not move Qi Ling's heart at all.

She could only choke five words out due to the pain, "Want to find… Auntie Yun."

She could not give up!

Seeing her like this, Yun Luofeng did not say anything more and placidly sent spirit energy into Qi Ling. The spirit energy could not eliminate her pain, but it could save her life!

As long as Qi Ling successfully made the spirit energy pass through her veins, she would not experience so much pain when she cultivated in the future. This first step was crucially vital!

The spirit energy inside her both grew more and more and wanted to break through her veins. Due to the gathering of the spirit energy, Qi Ling started trembling.

No matter what, Qi Ling was merely a five-year-old child. She could refrain from making a sound but she could not control her tears. Her fair and delicate face was quickly drenched with tears.

If there was not a conviction in her heart to support her, perhaps she would have given up already…

Minutes and seconds passed. The sky turned from dawn to dusk.

Qi Ling nearly fainted from the pain, but due to the spirit energy given to her by Yun Luofeng, her mind felt strangely clear.

Finally… just as Qi Ling could not withstand it anymore, an explosion was heard. Her body could not support her anymore and she fell back.

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