Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1809 - Yun Luofeng’s Huge Ambitions (6

Chapter 1809: Yun Luofeng's Huge Ambitions (6)

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Qi Su's jaw dropped. "What's your motive for doing this?"

Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes and quietly laughed. "Puppets won't betray those who purchased them. Similarly… they won't betray those who created them. If I send these puppets into the various huge factions on the Continent, wouldn't it mean that those factions will fall into my hands?"

Qi Su stiffened as he looked at Yun Luofeng in shock.

Could you imagine if the main fighting power of various huge families changed to be puppets? With these puppets falling into various huge families, wouldn't it mean that Yun Luofeng would hold the lifeline of all the factions?

"Miss Yun, is this where your true ambitions were?"

From the start, Yun Luofeng wasn't aiming for a small profit. What she required had always been the entire Continent!

"Yes, my motive is the entire Continent!"

There would be a day when she would take hold of the entire Continent.

Qi Su bitterly smiled. "Not only these puppets. Even the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid you've provided is too effective. If only you could provide these medicinal liquids in the future, having those factions in the Continent work for you wouldn't be impossible."

Yun Luofeng smiled and did not reply. What she wanted was not for those factions to work for her. Instead, she required an existence that could contend against the Spirit Deity Continent!

As such, so what if she used unscrupulous divisive tactics? She only had to protect those around her and that was enough!

"The second prince is leaving tomorrow. Should we meet with him right now?" Qi Su's eyes were filled with complicated emotions, yet contained a trace of admiration.

On the Fengyun Continent, only Yun Luofeng dared to say such words of controlling the entire Continent.

Even those top experts in the Kingdom would not dare to be so arrogant. However, Qi Su had a feeling that with Yun Luofeng's arrival in the Fengyun Continent, there would soon be an upheaval….

Fu Lai Inn

The man stood upright facing the window, with both hands behind his back and his eyes had always been looking at the bustling streets.

"Your Highness, Qi Family's second young master has arrived."

The bodyguard's voice sounded from outside and his tightly furrowed brows loosened as he smiled. "He's finally here. Invite him in."


The door was pushed opened and the man slowly turned, with his line of sight falling on Qi Su who walked in. The moment he saw Yun Luofeng walking in soon after, he unconsciously paused for a moment and said, "This lady is…"

"Second Lord Qi, she's my friend and has been staying with me recently. Therefore, I've brought her along."

"Oh?" The man laughed, revealing a dubious smile. "So it's Young Master Qi's friend. If so, please take a seat."

After speaking, Second Lord Qi turned his sight towards Qi Su. "How's Second Young Master Qi's preparation going?"

"I've brought fifty bottles of strengthened spirit-gathering medicinal liquid and a hundred bottles of the normal version." Qi Su took out a space ring and placed on the table. "I'll trouble Second Lord Qi to check."

"There's no need. I believe in you." Second Lord Qi smiled and fished out a stack of banknotes from his lapels, placing it before Qi Su. "This is the money for purchasing the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid."

Si Qu smiled and collected the banknotes. "Second Lord Qi, I have something else to sell you this time."

After speaking, Qi Su clapped his hands and instantly three women walked in. These three women weren't pretty but instead radiated a spirit of steel without a common woman's gentleness.


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