Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1807 - Yun Luofeng’s Huge Ambitions (4)

Chapter 1807: Yun Luofeng's Huge Ambitions (4)

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The real reason why Qi Zheng was so angry wasn't that Qi Su was unfilial. Instead… it was because he had something as precious as the spirit medicinal liquid formulation but didn't give it to him! He wouldn't forgive Qi Su for this!

"Men, follow me to Fengling Town right now. In addition to the formulation, I will also take every single item in the Qi Family's medical hall!"

"Father," Qi Mo's eyes twinkled, "the Qian Family has sent someone over again, saying that if Qi Ling becomes the Qian Family old man's concubine, the Qian Family will use the hundred stalk spirit herb as the betrothal gift.

Hundred stalk spirit herb? Qi Zheng stared distractedly. A trace of greed flashed across his eyes and soon after that, he became quiet.

"One year ago I talked about directly sending Qi Ling to the Qian Family's old man, but you insisted on expelling them to Fengling Town. Not only that, you even set up such an absurd bet with Qi Su! Now that you've lost, how are you going to bring Qi Ling back?"

When he thought of this, Qi Zheng was extremely regretful. Qi Ling was only a trash and was completely useless in the Qi Family. Being able to exchange her for a hundred stalk spirit herb was considered making a profit.

"Father, with something as serious a marriage, the parents have the final say. As Qi Ling's father, what right does she have to disobey if you force her to marry whoever you want?" Qi Mo sneered. "As for my agreement with Qi Su, won't it be fine if I don't acknowledge it?"

"We can only do so at this time," Qi Zheng looked at Qi Mo and said. "In addition, make preparations to bring your mother into the estate in a few days time."

Qi Mo's stiffened, and looked up at Qi Zheng in disbelief. His eyes were filled with happiness. "Father, is what you say for real? You're giving my mother a proper title?"

"Mo'er," Qi Zheng looked at Qi Mo with heartache. "All these years, you and your mother have suffered many grievances. Now that the Qi Family is sufficiently strong and Yun Yueqing isn't here, it's reasonable to say that I should compensate you."

Speaking of this, he paused and continued. "I know you were jealous of Yun Yueqing accepting Qi Su as a disciple. However, so what if he's Yun Yueqing's disciple? You're the Qi Family's eldest son and everything will belong to you."

"Father, I understand. It's only because I've been separated from my mother for so many years, that's why…"

"I am indeed at fault on this, keeping both of you separated. From now on, I will use my entire life to make it up for both of you."

He felt that the worst mistake he had done was to have separated Qi Mo and his mother. However, he did not think that strangling his own son to death was wrong.

Who would have expected that little baby would cause all the flowers in the entire courtyard wilt the moment he was born? If an inauspicious person like him were to live, it would definitely affect the Qi Family's future.

If it weren't because he had died, how could the Qi Family have achieved their current position? Therefore, Qi Zheng was glad that he had resolutely strangled Qi Su's biological brother to death back then. He even believed that it was Qi Mo's arrival in the Qi Family that brought luck, allowing the Qi Family in a short time to become a faction that was only beneath the imperial family.

If Yun Yueqing knew that the Qi Family she helped had such thoughts, would she regret her previous actions?

"Father, when are you going to take back what belongs to our Qi Family?"

Wait, it should have been, taking back what belonged to him!

Qi Zheng's expression darkened little by little, and a ruthless glint streaked across his cold eyes. "We'll set off to Fengling Town shortly. I'd like to see if that unfilial son dares to disobey my orders!"

Fengling Town.

Qi Su and his sister did not know the commotion within the Qi Family, and even more than that, they didn't expect Qi Zheng to personally make a trip there.

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